10 Things You’ll Never Have to Say Again

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Since downloading the new Office Customer Preview, you’ve likely updated your vocabulary to match the new things you’re doing-sharing links instead of attachments, moving documents from USB drives into the cloud, and using a stylus that never runs out of ink. In honor of saying goodbye to, “I wish I could use content from this PDF,” and hello to opening PDF files as familiar Word documents, we’ve put together a PowerPoint slideshow to celebrate just 10 of the things you’ll never have to say with the new Office. There are dozens more solutions to discover, so dive into the Preview and tell @Office what features have changed your tune (hashtag #OfficePreview). If you haven’t downloaded your modern Office yet, get it for free at


  1. 5 is my favorite! 🙂

  2. prosim pošlite mi key na trial office lebo mi to nechce prijať

  3. Doug Thomas User">

    Our 15-Minurte Office Webinar on 9/25/12 will be based on this deck. Join us and the live Q&A at:

  4. Would it be possible to fix the bug where words added to the Dictionary remain flagged as misspelled when a hard hyphen is part of the word?

  5. Excited to see this on the new MS Surface!



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