Webinar: Previewing Outlook 2013

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In this week’s webinar, we crack open Outlook 2013, something you can also do right now during our free Customer Preview. See below for links.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • New ways to organize and control your schedule and email
  • Take a peak at a calendar or appointments
  • Connect to with people quickly

One part of the demo didn’t work, but let me show you what you missed. When Outlook 2013 spots langauge about a meeting, a built-in app called “Detected Events” adds a link suggesting a meeting in your calerndar:

The same app brings up a Bing Map if it detects an address. You can click for directions or to view a larger map:

References for this webinar:

–Doug Thomas

  1. Greg Welch

    Is it possible to connect using lynx 2010 on my windows phone. And would I need specific server settings

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Greg: There are mobile apps you can use Lync 2010 that work on Windows Phone, Android, iPhone & iPad (plus a few more). See more here:


  2. Andrei Murzin

    Can I set up "peeks" function to peek not only at default calendar but also at any other I have (from SharePoint List, Internet or another storage file)?

    • Doug Thomas User">

      From my experiments, it looks like just the default.

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