Webinar: Previewing Word 2013

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In this week’s webinar, we’ll spin the wheels of Word 2013, something you can also do right now during our free Customer Preview.

What you will learn

  • Improvements to enjoy document reading
  • New ways to share your document
  • Adding video, pictures with confidence
  • A whole new experience with PDFs

References for this webinar:

Go to for more information on how to join the series.

–Doug Thomas

  1. Great introduction. I liked the PP Windows 8 theme, is this available somewhere?

    • Doug Thomas User">

      Remo: The slides created at the beginning of the webinar are ones we created here. It’s not part of the template package. Easy to make though. I’ll see if I can find a how-to somewhere.

  2. shifuimam

    I’ve been using Office daily since the Word 6.0 days, and I’m wondering something – in all the various Office apps, there are still features that limit the user to the original Windows 3.1 CGA 16-color palette. We are long past the days of computer hardware not being able to address high and true color (16- and 32-bit), so this is a pretty frustrating limitation.

    Will this be changing with Office 2013?

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