Introducing Project’s new reports

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Whenever we talk to project managers, we hear one word over and over – reports. How you’re always preparing reports for status presentation or mails to customers, management, team members, etc. How you have to make quick decisions and need reports to help you do this. All of that feedback inspired us to build a new reporting feature in the new version of Project.

Building off of a familiar Office infrastructure, you can now create reports with charts and tables in Project off your project’s data to analyze your project and then share the results with others. The reports update automatically as you update your project. To help you get started, we’ve even included a bunch of reports out of box.

Let’s see how this works. Here’s what you’re used to seeing in Project:


Now notice how there’s a new Report tab (note in the Preview build, you can access Reports from the Project tab):

Select Project overview from the Dashboards menu and you get this:


And from here, you can fully customize everything you are seeing. Say you want to graph Actual Work instead of % Complete. If you just click on the chart, you’ll get a pane where you can make these adjustments:


Here is just a small sampling of the other reports we offer:




Not seeing any of the out-of-box reports that meet your needs? You can also create your own reports and just like views/filters/etc. they’ll be available for all of your projects.

Then with a click of Copy Report, you can share your report through Office:


Or you can print it. We even have added the ability to view your page breaks are so you can easily
arrange your report elements:


Here’s some of the early feedback we’ve received:

    • Simply awesome!  This view is all we need.
    • Only 30 minutes with MS Project 2013 Preview and I already live it! Especially the new reports functionality!
    • The new reports are really very very good.

We encourage everyone to install the preview and try it out for yourself:

  1. Sign up for the Project Online Preview with Project Pro for Office 365
  2. Download Project Professional 2013 Preview & Project Server 2013 Preview

Let us know what you think.

  1. Anonymous

    I am using the MS project 2007 standard version and am working on a Master Project Plan. Is it possible to generate a graphical report like the timescale table in the Resource Usage View, across projects?

    i am not sure whether this is the right place to post my query. If not, kindly direct to the appropriate forum…


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