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Since we launched the preview a few days ago, we’ve been humbled and amazed by the reception and by the number of people who have upgraded.  In fact, in just the first few days alone, we’ve seen several million people upgrade to  Over the next week we’ll write a series of posts covering upgrading and using, starting with this post covering upgrading from Hotmail, and then followed by posts discussing upgrading from Gmail, Yahoo, and other services.  These are all written by Dick Craddock, who runs the Program Management Team for

Chris Jones

Upgrading to is easy, no matter which service you’re currently using. In the coming days, we’ll look at how to upgrade to Outlook from other services.  But today, we’ll look at upgrading to Outlook from Hotmail. 

First of all, it’s important to know that you don’t need to create a new account to use – you can upgrade with the Hotmail account you’re already using. We bring your settings and data across to, and to your phone and clients, including Outlook with the Outlook Connector, all of which will continue to work, just as before.

These instructions will work for any email address that currently uses Hotmail, including,,, etc.

We highly recommend that you upgrade to with your existing Hotmail account, rather than creating a new account. If you want a new email address, this article shows you how to add one to your existing account.

All your data and settings just work

When you upgrade to from Hotmail, you get the new service, and you keep everything about your account intact:

  • Your email address continues to work – no need to change it
  • You will continue to sign-in with your using the same password
  • All your devices will continue to work, including your phone and the Outlook client with the Outlook Connector
  • You retain all of your contacts – no extra steps to take
  • You retain all of your folders, categories, flagged messages, rules, etc.
  • Your signature and vacation reply come with you
  • Your settings for things such as Reading Pane and Arrange By Conversation stay the same

How to upgrade

The easiest way to upgrade is to sign-in to

  • Go to
  • Sign-in with your existing Hotmail account (,,, etc.)

Important:  Don’t sign-up for a new account; just sign-in with your existing Hotmail account. You don’t need to change your address to use Outlook; in fact, if you sign-up for a new address, there is no way to combine or merge that new account with your old account.



That’s it! You should now be using the new service. From now on, you can sign-in at Of course, signing in at or still works. If you do, you’ll still continue to see the experience.


Getting a new email address

Now that you’ve upgraded to Outlook, you might want to get a new email address. This is entirely optional, of course. Your existing Hotmail address will be supported.

One important note: The Preview does not support adding email addresses in country-specific domains, such as;, etc. This is a limitation we’ll be working to address.

There are two ways to get a new email address to use with your account: adding an alias or renaming your account.

Add an alias to your account

An alias is an email address that is added to your account. You can add up to five aliases per year to your account up to a maximum of 15, and you can send and receive email from all of these aliases.

Aliases are a great way to use different email addresses with the same inbox. Outlook can even automatically file email sent to each alias in separate folders.

There are a few limitations that you should be aware of:

  • There is a limit of five aliases per account, per year.
  • You can send email from an alias in the web interface. However, you won’t be able to send email from an alias from your phone or other client. Instead, email you send from your phone or other client will still be sent from the primary address of your account. This is a limitation we’re working hard to remove, so stay tuned.
  • You cannot sign in to your account with the alias. You should continue to use your primary account name to sign in

Here’s how to add an alias to your account:

First, sign-in to outlook at using your Hotmail account. Now, click on the Options “cog” in the upper right corner of the window, and click on “More mail settings.”



Next, click on “Create an Outlook alias.” It’s the next-to-last option in the first column, under the heading “Managing your account.”



You’ll be taken to the Create alias page, where you’ll notice that “” is already selected for you. Enter the email name that you want to create in the box labeled “Email address” and click “Create an alias.”



You may not get the first name you try, since it might already be taken by someone else. Don’t worry – just try another name (and try to pick a name that is more likely to be unique).

After you’ve successfully chosen an address, you’ll be taken back to your Inbox, and you’ll see a confirmation that lets you choose where email sent to the new address goes: into a new folder, or an existing folder, which by default is your Inbox. Choose which option works best for you, and click “Done.”



By the way, if you chose to send email to a new folder, you can always change your mind. Outlook created a rule for you automatically, and you can easily edit or delete the rule by right-clicking “Folders” in the left column of your Inbox, and selecting “Manage rules.”

Rename your account to an account

You can rename your account to an account, and when you do, your old account becomes an alias, so you’ll still receive email sent to the old account.

Fair warning: Renaming is a big deal. It changes the primary name of your account, which means that you will have to immediately start signing in with the new name (same password) on all your devices, such as your phone, PC, Xbox, etc.

Renaming an account is not something that you can easily “undo”; in fact, there are some cases where it’s impossible to undo. So, please be very sure of your decision before following the steps below.

Also, there are some limitations of rename that you should be aware of:

  • If you use a Windows Phone, you will need to reset your Windows Phone to factory settings, and then set it back up with the new account name. You will lose all personal data on the Windows Phone when you do this, so make sure you have that data backed up. You will need to re-install all your applications on your phone, although you will not need to re-purchase them.
  • It is not easy (and in rare cases not possible) to “undo” a rename. For example, if you rename an MSN account, you can’t rename it back, or if you created your account in one country and are renaming it in a different country, you won’t be able to rename it back to your original account unless you travel back to your original country. Be very sure of your decision.
  • If your account has been blocked more than once because someone else was using your account, you will not be able to rename it. We’re working to remove this limitation.
  • You can rename your account twice every 12 months. If you rename and then change your mind, renaming back into your old address doesn’t count towards your yearly limit.

Here’s how to rename your account:

First, sign-in to outlook at using your Hotmail account. Now, click on the Options “cog” in the upper right-corner of the window, and click on “More mail settings.” Now, click on “Rename your email address” which is the last link in the first column under the heading “Managing your account”:



You’ll be asked to type in your password again. This extra security step is required to help protect your account, since renaming your account is a significant action.

You’ll be taken to the Rename page which will let you pick a new account name.


Windows Phone users should be aware that renaming their account will require them to restore their phone to factory settings and set it up again with the new name.

Just like creating an alias, you’ll need to pick a name that is likely to be unique, and click “Save.”

You’ll get a confirmation that your account was renamed. You may now need to go change your account name information on your phone or other devices.

How to switch back to Hotmail

If for some reason you aren’t enjoying the experience, you can easily switch back to Hotmail during the Preview period. Here’s how:

  • Click on the Settings “cog” in the upper right corner, near where your sign-in name appears
  • Click “Go back to Hotmail”



If you’re switching back to Hotmail, we’d love to hear from you. Please take a moment to give us feedback on why you decided to switch back. Thanks!

Enjoy, and tell us what you think

We’ve built to be modern email for the next billion inboxes. We hope you like it, and we want to hear from you. You can give us feedback right from the product by clicking on the Settings “cog” and clicking on the “Feedback” link (see the picture, above).

Our product team uses your feedback to make the product even better. So, tell us what you think, and thanks for using

Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager,


    • Chris Jones User">

      @Jay Song – I’ll answer on the forum post as well. If you created a second account with an address we do not support the ability to merge accounts or to delete one and immediately add the address to another account. There are two choices.

      One option is to delete the account and wait until we free up the email address and then create an alias to that address.

      The second option is forward mail from your new account to your old account, and then allow your old account to send on behalf of your account. To do this:
      => Go to your new account, click settings and mail options, click email forwarding, and turn on email forwarding to your account
      => Then go to your old account, click to mail options, click sending and receiving mail from other accounts, and then add your account as an account to send from.

      Hope this helps – Chris

      • Thanks Chris. If we go with option 1, how long does it take before the e-mail address is freed up?

        • 270 days unfortunately 🙁
          So Outlook team, please try to figure out a way to help users who created new ‘aliases’ and now stuck in the renaming process 🙂


        Considering this was your guys’ mistake, there should be an option to wait less than 270 days for me to get the email address I want transferred.

        Is there a particular reason it’s 270 days? Can’t there be a little check box when deleting your account to "enable address to be used by others immediately" to solve this problem?

      • Hi Chris,

        First, I would like to thank you very much for actually responding to us regarding this issue. The silence from Microsoft has been infuriating. However, there are a ton of people that have this issue. While I understand that there is no solution currently, is Microsoft working on a solution?

      • eddiewouldgo

        I renamed my hotmail to outlook, but now I’m stuck with the following screen

        We’re updating your inbox
        Please wait a few minutes and then try again.

        It’s been two days. I can’t no longer log into my hotmail account, nor revert back to the old hotmail. Posted at the hotmail forums but no mod is replying to my concern.
        I’m running out of patience here. I know hotmail is free, and when it’s free you can’t complain and they can’t support millions of users personally. But they should have foresee these problems when you are a major email provider doing and upgrade. I’m just disappointed!!!

  1. Anand Kale

    How I can integrate Facebook and twitter into outlook??
    I want to see twitter and facebook updates into Outlook.. Is that possible??? I heard it is,,but How???

    • Dick Craddock User">

      Go to

      From there, you can connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts and more. After that, you should see pictures from Facebook in the email you receive from your friends, and you should also see their latest updates.

  2. Licantrop0

    I know a lot of people with more than one Microsoft Account (AKA Live ID), created by mistake, that they want to merge in one single account.
    Please, please, please, implement Live ID Merging, and the possibility to change the Live ID Region.

  3. Like many others, I created a new account instead of making my shiny new address an alias.

    Please create a way to delete accounts in a more reasonable time than 270 days!

    Also, I understand that you do not support merging, but are you looking into changing this in the future? I have like 5 Microsoft accounts now for various reasons and it’s a pain.

  4. I just love the and like many others I would LOVE to see an easy way to turn a linked account into an alias.

  5. Paul Stevenson

    Having trawled the web I cannot find an answer to my question.

    I too have fallen into the trap of securing my preferred email address via a new account, only to find it cannot be linked to my existing account, and if I close the account I have to wait a year for it be freed up to use as an alias, with the chances of me re-securing the same address being remote to say the least. I also created an alias using my second choice email address, linked to my existing account.

    I use my Gmail address as my Live ID and wish to get rid of my Gmail account and use an Outlook sign in for my Windows Phone and all Microsoft related activity. When attempting to rename my address, it does not give me the opportunity to use an address, the only options being @hotmail or @live. I am a UK user, please can someone advise why I do not have this option? It is becoming frustrating.

    Thank you.


    Please do NOT allow closed/expired accounts re-creation (by someone else).


    I did not use my email much in the past. And then it expired. I opened a new one. But I forgot to update my new email with my online banking service and other services as well. Somebody opened account with my old hotmail email address/account name, and got his hands on all my correspondence, inlcuding my banking transactions alerts, my bank statements, and other private information. So, that person was able to get his hands on my online banking account by requesting password reset to be sent to his (my old) hotmail email address. And guess what? He emptied my bank account in a matter of hours! Yes, I agree that in part that was my fault because I didn’t update my info with my bank etc, but if Microsoft would not allow closed account re-creation by other people other than previous owner that could have been prevented. Google’s Gmail service is doing the right thing by not allowing to re-create deleted accounts if time elapsed since its vclosure is more than 48 hours. Microsoft can gain even more customers by simply following the same policy. What do you think? Feel free to express your opinion on my posting. Thank you.

  8. mcschindler

    Since my change from to I am not able to download mail on any of my devices (Outlook in MacBook, Mail programs on my Android devices), it says authentication failed. This is strange, since you announced, that nothing is going to change in the settings. I do not manage to set up a new account. Could you help me here?
    I use my hotmail-adress for many social accounts, do I have to change this to @outlook? Will you eliminate the hotmail-adresses in the long run?

  9. Great. Is there any news on whether Custom Domains will continue to be supported (or even upgraded) in – currently, my Custom Domain ( account works great, but I’ve set this up for a few friends and charity groups and would like to know if it’ll continue to work moving forwards before I get them all to use Outlook :).


      Good point. I recently found out about custom domains and have begun moving to them. I really hope this service is kept on and upgraded, even, to match the new design language.

  10. I have a serious problem with the new Outlook, I renamed my address from the old address to something totally personalized ( and I don’t have this domain, now I can’t access my inbox and I can’t use the old address! 🙁 enyone can help me please, and is there a way to contact Microsoft to be able to use the old address and access my account again?

  11. So, what are you doing about the "on behalf of" text being added when using the Send as feature (which you even recommend here!)? This feature is unusable as long as that is added. Why not allow custom SMTP servers – or any other way of getting rid of this text?

  12. subjectxen

    What happens if the "Upgrade to" option isn’t there? It’s not on the Options menu and I am unable to find it anywhere else. Ideally, I would like to upgrade rather than create a whole new address.

  13. I upgraded to last Tuesday and renamed my account to
    The only problem/bug i found hitherto is not being able to view/edit personal info:

    I did the following:
    Clicked on Name in top right corner –> Account settings ( –>
    Account summary –> Edit personal info (

    Then instead of a form to edit the settings, I get this message:
    We’re unable to retrieve information for this section at this time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later.

  14. Tony Evans

    I want to change from to keeping everything else the same. How do I do this? The rename option says my email address is not available.

  15. nanotech613

    i dont like that you allways have to type to log in.
    that was the main reason i left many years from to

    do you guys also dislike it ?


    This is all great information so thank you for putting it out there and advertising it widely over your various networks (I saw this over on Facebook).

    Some problems though, this information is about a week too late.

    When randomly appeared I wanted to quickly get the account name I wanted reserved (just my actual name, not a crazy alias) but I knew that renaming my current account would likely mess up my Windows Phone (Luckily, as you guys hadn’t really made a point about that nor drawn attention to the "warning" on the sign-up page. Seriously, you couldn’t have put a big red box and an exclamation point in there?) so I quickly set up a new account.

    Of course now you’re saying this is the wrong thing to do and I’ve no way of easily turning this new account into an alias that I can then transition to my main account name when I move to Windows Phone 8 later in the year.

    I love, and the people section is better than either the Windows Phone or Windows 8 efforts at people management but you made a real mess of the account sign-up procedure and you have a responsibility to fix it.

    I would like to be able to move my address to be an alias of my address and then transition the two once Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are released in October. I do not want to be stuck with a brand new account with none of my app data or personal data or contacts.

    I’m quite sure there’s a way for you to make this happen somehow and it would repair a big loss of goodwill from me.

    Please do something about this.

    • Same problem here. Please, please, provide a solution for us.

  17. Same problems as everyone else here. I propose a few changes to prevent future mistakes and help correct prior mistakes:

    1. Post a note on the account creation screen saying something like, "Already have a Hotmail, Live, or MSN account? You may want to consider adding an alias to your existing account and keep all of your existing email and settings. Click here for more information."
    2. On the "Create a Outlook Alias" page, include a warning, "Warning, you may only create new 5 alias accounts per year. Click here for more information."
    3. Allow users to delete a recently created accounts (without waiting 270 days) so this email address can be used as an alias to existing account -or- provide a method of converting a "linked" account into an alias.
    4. Please do a one-time reset of the 5 alias limitation for all users since you failed to warn us of the limitation in a reasonable manner (none of us knew the limit until it was too late).


    Loving the new interface, but am still trying to work out issues with converting from GMail: copying 2GB of messages via POP is proving to be troublesome and I’ve run into complications with the Live Domain service. Ah well…this is all new and I suspect most of these issues will work themselves out. 🙂

  18. dupton2000

    Can you help me understand what the limitations are for the aliases? I was checking what might be available and then maxed them at 5. I deleted them and I now I can not create any because it says that I have already maxed the number I could have. I figured if I deleted it I would not be maxed anymore. Very confused! Just wanted to use the alias to separate out some mail boxes that I know I get a lot of spam with. For example when I go to Teched every year it would be nice to have all my Teched email filtered for me.

  19. bobsageek

    Love it, smooth transition, great product, thanks.

  20. slowery1972

    i added the outlook conector to outlook 2007 but it bogges outlook 2007 down after the outlook conector was added anyone else having this problem

  21. Kevin Glowe

    Love the new email interface…great job! However……..just tried to use Outlook Connector 64 bit with Outlook 2010 and I can’t get my new address configured automatically like I could with my old Hotmail account. Has this not been enabled yet?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I don’t find this article before upgradingto, si I have a mistake because I creating new account with a same name of my Live account.
    Considering to this part of your post:
    "Important: Don’t sign-up for a new account; just sign-in with your existing Hotmail account. You don’t need to change your address to use Outlook; in fact, if you sign-up for a new address, there is no way to combine or merge that new account with your old account."
    I’m have not any choie.
    But, do you can give me a another deal by adding combining feature or ability to removing my created new outlook account without waiting for 270 days?

  23. Oohh I have some mistakes on EN, Sorry 🙂

  24. Betsy Johnston

    Since the chg I am unable to login to two of my hotmail accounts. I believe they have been hacked but it may have something to do with the upgrade. I have tried numerous times to recover my accounts to no avail. These accts. have important contact and personal information that I need access to. I have completed the recovery process and was told to create another account that the information I provided was not enough to give me my password. Not sure what more I can give to prove it’s my account and not some no good persons that has nothing else to do! Please help!

  25. Every time that microsoft creates something new always F*** something old. 3 days ago I change to and I am without messenger contacts for 3 days. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO INNOVATE FIRST PLEASE THINK TWICE BECAUSE THE USERS DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER WITH YOUR ******



      May be you cannot sign in because your old email has become an alias of your new one (of You cannot sign in using an alias. Try to send email message to that old email address to see if you still can receive a message. If yes then it is an alias now.

  27. joaoluisc supports sending and receiving emails from multiple accounts – as well as defining a default account to use when sending emails. All good so far, now when you send an email from on a Windows phone like the Nokia Lumia 900, the email is sent using one of the other accounts added and not the default email used in the settings of Now Nokia support say it’s a problem with and nothing they can do so now I need to know how this can be fixed, please.
    I have changed over from GMail where I had no problems until now. I changed as to facilitate my accounts to one with App Hub etc (I am a developer) now I have a problem…… with this as I don’t want random emails to be used – why is this happening??
    TBH I am starting to regret having changed over 🙁

  28. JonTheAzn

    I realized after creating a new Outlook account that I could just rename my hotmail account instead. Unfortunately if I decide to disable my Outlook account to use that name as my upgrade name I have to wait 270 days before doing so. Is there a more elegant way of doing this? (ie. faster)

    • The best thing to do once you’ve gotten into this situation is to use "Sending/receiving email from other accounts" (click the gear menu, then Other Mail Settings). Once you’ve set that up, you can click the chevron next to your name to choose which account to send from. You can also get fancy with forwarding from your old account to your new one, if you want to always send/receive from one account and not worry about the chevron.

  29. I upgraded to with my old microsoft ID ( I also have another ID ( If I change my old ID email ( to new ID (, that’s mean I would integrate two accounts into one. Does it make those account to use my old settings? Such as 25G skydrive space, my contacts, etc…?
    Pls advise.

  30. elmer9999

    A suggested improvement in
    When composing an email — if one hits the LINK icom, there is no easy way to test the entered link. In both gmail and comcast there is a test button to test the link entered. I would love to see a test button added when one enters a link.

  31. GypsyLori

    Has anyone else had a problem with losing contacts? Once I switched over, my address book was emptied. I even reverted to Hotmail, and the address book still didn’t have any information in it. My calendar is mostly empty, except for the birthdays of people who were in my contacts. Only now when you click on the link to see the contacts it shows that there is no such contact . This is very frustrating. I’ve had this account for at least 7 years and never had a problem before.

  32. JadedRaverLA

    Anybody else completely unable to upgrade?

    My hotmail account doesn’t have any "upgrade" option and signing in at just redirects to the "old-style" hotmail site. It’s really annoying, and Microsoft Hotmail chat support couldn’t figure it out either.

    • GrimFandango9

      I have exact same problem but have had no response on answers forum and chat support were no help!

  33. Gavin Ding

    I found a small detail about the avatar in the upper right corner of the window and my Messenger contact list. It have a pale green vertical stripe in the left side of the picture. We know the pale green vertical stripe tells user the friend is online and available to chat.
    However, I think this design is not friendly enough, it is clearly covered part of the user’s picture, although only a small part. And I think it isn’t a token of respect for the user. My suggestion is that specify a designated color (e.g. green) to the name when the user is online.


    Gmail is offering me $25 to come back to them. :-))

  35. Einat Eyal

    Hi, was trying to set my new outlook account on my iPhone but couldn’t do it… what was I doing wrong? is the provider not outlook but hotmail, would that be it? thanks!

    • Gavin Ding

      You can add the account by Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone.

  36. how can i get my old @MSN.COM ID back? i have used it for over 10 years. and you didn’t give any warning before we changed it into new ID. now i am supposed to take this responsibility? In your blog i didn’t see that you say you are working on it to break this limitation, so does it mean i will lose my MSN account for ever??? there is a bunch of people losing their MSN account who are the loyal customers to MS for years. if this is the case i think i have to move to Gmail among them.

  37. cmtechsolutions

    I absolutely LOVE this. Best webmail to date!

  38. p4trick17

    Dear Outlook Team, Please create a way to delete accounts in a more reasonable time than 270 days!

  39. Big problem!
    I need get my back, because my windows phone can’t work normally!!
    I don’t want to lose all my date to reset my phone with new account!
    Is there way to get back?

    • Yes, absolutely.

      Simply delete the alias that was likely created when you renamed, then rename back to your old account name. To do this, you have to go through Account, because Rename within Outlook won’t give you the option of renaming to MSN.

      Click your name in the upper right, then choose Account settings.
      On the Account Summary page, click Update email address.
      Click the "Use a different email address" radio button.

      You’re in!

  40. I swapped back to hotmail as I’m really not keen on this new look at all.

    As far as the font is too large, general UI takes up too much space partially due to the font but also lots of space that is unused (i guess you’re going for a clean look but it’s terrible imho)

    I instantly missed being able to change the look via themes (prefer darker look) and no changing the top bars colour doesn’t count.

    And most importantly when I’m reading a mail and scroll down why does the folders area scroll?

  41. jahcols100

    I love the new Outlook. So much so that I created a new email address before the blog was posted stating you should not do this. Is there now a way for me to migrate my hotmail data to the newly created outlook account? Ideas?

  42. Mahmoud Habib

    I like how the new Outlook is. Outlook is the best.

  43. MrPurrsonality

    So far, so good. I like it. (Purrrrrr…..)

    But with the Outlook webmail being a "reimagined" email, don’t you think it’s about time to "reimagine" webmali security?? Or at least catch up with the competition! E.g. Gmail has 2FA (for more secure LOGINS) and allows passwords up to, what?, 60+ characters. Hotmail/Live/Outlook mainly has password *recovery* options (mobile phone number, trusted pc), i.e. AFTER a ‘break-in’ occurs. And you still have a (cough, cough) 16-character password limit?!?!?

    Shouldn’t preventative security measures like 2FA and (much, much) longer passwords have been included a looooonnnggg time ago? Or at least they should have been introduced in conjunction with this new Outlook webmail.

    I LOVE the features Hotmail/Live/Outlook *does* have. It’s what it still *doesn’t* have (security-wise) — and is too lax in providing — that concerns me.

  44. Daniel Stawicki

    I have found one big problem during migration.
    After changing account to from hotmail, I don’t recive e-mails from Hotmail that were automatically moved to some subfolders inside my inbox. I only recive e-mails that goe’s to my inbox. Is there any resolution for that problem?

  45. I’ve been waiting for years for this to come true (being able to change my windows live id without losing all the related stuff), and then for some reason I still can’t do it. It’s been already over a week since you launched, I’ve been trying at least 2 or 3 times a day, but still blocked at:
    "There’s a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later"

    I’ve seen in Microsoft Answers other people were having the same problem, but so far it seems it was solved for most if not all of them. Me, I’m still blocked… Any insight as of why may that have happened? To my knowledge my account has never been hacked… I do have though a Windows Phone, TechNet subscription, and what not… living in Japan…

    • Daniel, are you still seeing these issues?

  46. Patrick Doyle

    Please help me! i changed my email account to,and now i have lost access to all my documents on skydrive…it says there’s nothing there. i wanted to transfer all emails/documents/data from my to, please advise how i can do this. thank you.

  47. There are a few problems with this account.

    "You will continue to sign-in with your using the same password."
    This is NOT correct (for me anyway). I’m no longer able to sign in with my old hotmail credentials. It says ‘Account does NOT exist’.

    Secondly I’m no longer able to sync mail on my Android. I have deleted my old account and tried with both ‘hotmail’ and ‘Exchange ActiveSync" settings and no luck. It authenticates and creates the account but SYNC keeps failing.

    Please help

    • Sam, are you still seeing these issues? Sorry for the delay in responding.


    I lost the email address and username login I had for over 15 years(since hotmail started) Didn’t like that at all. Is there a way to get back my old username?

    • Michael, are you still seeing this issue? You should be able to login with your old Hotmail address and password. There may be some other issue here, so let me know if I can help.

  49. how to delete my new account on

  50. Allan Smith

    I have a address. When logging in to I get redirected to the original inbox pages. There is no setting under Options to upgrade to What do I need to do to get the new look and feel?

    • AlkJetTech

      Same problem here. My son has an @msn account and he got the option when signing in on my laptop. I cant figure this one out!! I’ve tried on different machines, browsers and even on a mac book. No difference.

  51. hello, good change, but … I blocked my email account, the day the change happened, so I create another tube, and send the information that you requested and nothing I could say I can do to recover?

  52. Brandonken94

    I have all ready upgraded to it. I’m still not happy with the getting rid of the Hotmail brand. So I’ve made a Gmail, however I will still continue to use Outlook.

    • Hi Brandon, you can still keep your old email address so continuing to use your Hotmail email will work fine. You can forward your Hotmail email to your new account if you like.

  53. As others have found, changing to an email has resulted in me losing all my sky drive docs and 18 gig of storage. Thanks for that!

    • Raul, tiene este problema todavia?

  54. dicklaird

    I prefer the old way that Full View handled mail. Once you went to Full View you stayed in Full View until you clicked a folder. seems to require a double click on each message to go to Full View. In my opinion this is NOT "new and improved".

  55. eddiewouldgo

    I renamed my hotmail to outlook, but now I’m stuck with the following screen

    We’re updating your inbox
    Please wait a few minutes and then try again.

    It’s been two days. I can’t no longer log into my hotmail account, nor revert back to the old hotmail. Posted at the hotmail forums but no mod is replying to my concern.
    I’m running out of patience here. I know hotmail is free, and when it’s free you can’t complain and they can’t support millions of users personally. But they should have foresee these problems when you are a major email provider doing and upgrade. I’m just disappointed!!!

    • I am in a similar position to Eddiewouldgo. I have not been able to access my mail in for over a week. I have posted a number of forums without success. Had a mail from MS on 04/08 saying ‘Please understand everyone’s concern about renaming or changing your accounts back to Hotmail. Our team is already aware of these common issues. But as yet no resolution. Looks like I will have to go to a professional outfit and open a Gmail account. Goodbye to Hotmail after 20 years.

  56. Hi …While Trying to RENAME my
    HOTMAIL account BYMISTAKE i wrote a
    "" instead of
    "" ..
    Now they have send the Verification email
    to "" email address
    which is INCORRECT email address.
    and now HOTMAIL is not allowing me to
    check my mails without VERIFICATION of the
    email which is not CORRECT email.

    I have again tried to use the CORRECT email address BUT the messages I am getting is "You’ve already renamed this account. Please try again later." I am getting this message since last 5 Days. PLZ PLZ HELP me in this matter.

  57. binaryders

    Am I the only one who has tried multiple times from different machines, operating systems and browsers but has an address that just will just transition?

    • AlkJetTech

      Same problem here with my @hotmail account. My son has a @msn account and he got the option when signing in on my laptop. I cant figure this one out!! I’ve tried on different machines, browsers and even on a mac book. No difference

  58. @ender lardi, I just ended up creating a new account with because my other account was so new, and saved me a lot of headaches. My other live account transited well.

    @Microsoft…. would be nice to help us Android to have an app from you too. I have a tablet… and I’m tired of using a 3rd party app. any way you can create one for outlook?

  59. I just converted my hotmail account to an outlook account but I can’t reply to or create new e-mails. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • SkinnyT, are you still seeing the problem?

  60. pearsonbe

    I get this error over and over again.

    Line: 42
    Error: Can’t execute code from a freed script

    • Greg, are you still seeing the issue? Which browser are you using?

  61. Still setting up. The first thing it needs is a button on the top, next to REPLY, for FORWARDING a message. This is basic email stuff. The pull-down to get to that command is a pain. Otherwise, looks good so far.

    • Thanks. We’re looking at making some changes here.

  62. Looks nicer, works well.
    BUT: why is skydrive etc. not fully connected?? Its confusing to have "documents" and "fotos" on the left in (for your emails), but your skydrive fotos and documents are in the old skydrive version of "live", where you get redirected to. Bad workflow.

  63. amcarbone

    I created a new outlook email account. Now I wished I used it as an alias account instead. Can I permanently delete the new outlook account to free up the account name for me to use as an alias or to rename my old account to?

    Also there was absolutely no warning where you entered a new alias that 5 is the maximum. This is terrible and had I know I would have chosen specific aliases more wisely. Can i delete an alias to free up another slot?

    Many thanks!


    I have upgraded to outlook and literally every single one of my emails has disppaeared! How do I get them back?

  65. anachronox99

    This doesn’t work for me! When I log in to my site, I still end up in old Hotmail…

    I’ve seen other instructions to log in to, and choose Options->Upgrade to – but this option is not available to me. 🙁

    So I’m still stuck on old hotmail.

    • Tim Acheson

      I have the same problem. I even tried installing a new web browser, went to and signed-in there with my usual existing Hotmail (MSN) email address, but I am ALWAYS redirected to the old Windows Live homepage along with the old Hotmail.

      • GrimFandango9

        Same problem here. Have posted on support forum and chatted with support adviser but Microsoft does not acknowledge the problem.

    • David, it may be that you’re using what we call a "cobranded" account, meaning that you are using Hotmail through Office Live or an external partner. Could that be the case? If so, we’re not supporting for those accounts just yet. We will.

  66. winterlily27

    I miss Hotmail themes : (
    Outlook looks plain and boring.
    Available colors are very limited.
    I don´t like the white background.

  67. dentontay

    How can I use a pop3 client to get my email (I am not a hotmail user).

  68. What happens to MSN & Windows Live when we update to Outlook?

    • You’ll be able to keep your same email address. Just go to Options and, in the pull down menu, you’ll see the option to Upgrade. That’s it!

  69. Are Outlook flies saved on the SkyDrive?

    Or on my computer? If it is on my computer, how do I access if I’m working on my computer in my winter home? What files will I need to copy from my summer computer and reintstall on my winter one to keep Outlook up to date with messages, folders, etc.?

  70. I like the integration with Facebook chat on the new Outlook. I was not happy with the attachment button however, it had to click multiple times in order to attach a file. Besides that the new simple, smooth and clean look of Outlook.

  71. LucasCanada

    I reverted to hotmail from Outlook. Since I have done this every emails I get goes to a folder called by the name of my email.
    It does not go at all in the INBOX. I do have an Inbox but it is empty. Just go straight to that folder instead.
    Things got a really screw up after reverting back to hotmail.

  72. Jan.Sichula.Jr


    my Hotmail account was automatically migrated to So far I like it but when I receive an HTML message with embedded images, they display only as attachments with gray boxes inside the body of email instead of images. This is completely unsatisfactory. Is this behavior by design? How can I enable images inside email bodies?

    Best regards,
    Jan Sichula

  73. When they switched over to outlook (without any warning) it killed my hotmail. No access for more than a day. No way to contact microsoft. I’ve been a hotmail plus member since it started and until now trouble free. Now it’s an absolute disaster.

  74. mflava305

    How do I get outlook on my Android phone using the Exchange Active-sync? Was able to use it with Hotmail but it will not work either using the same Hotmail info with new outlook username or extension.

  75. Eduardo Triana

    En mi msn todos los contactos me aparecen desconectados, necesito tenerlos en contacto… que hago?

  76. I don’t like the annually renaming feature, It’s difficult to manage multiple live accounts and as a mistake I renamed one of my accounts twice and now I’m stuck with that address. kinda disappointing, It was so simple I overcomplicated it and caused an error and now I have to wait.. not fun.

  77. anghelvega

    There are two types of programs ….. it says install is FREE, but when you uninstall it because it’s bad, is not UNINSTALL BUTTON E ………… so important that you get the option to uninstall or remove account ……. and this outlook is made for,,,, sort users,,,, sort users,,,, and classified advertising fill ….. NOT MADE TO BE USEFUL TO YOU ….. THIS DONE to sell more publicity than the hotmail …..

    the other is the hotmail program, install and uninstall very fast ….. or yahoo … or Gmail …


    2. Not be sent in HTML format.

    3. INTERFACE, is bad. IS A TELEPHONE INTERFACE IN A WEB ….. NO!!! Should add more to it, ….. Put him more alert … automatically print emails,,,, Scheduled Tasks,,,,,,

    4. MESSENGER …!!! Oh my God!!! Dismiss the person who designed THIS.

  78. welchwerks

    How can I rename my primary email to use another email name

  79. I still can’t see my online contacts even though they are online. The web messenger in always say no online contacts. Help!

  80. offixlink

    En general el cambio nos pareció genial, sin embargo nos preguntamos a donde fue a parar el "time line" donde se compartían los msjs de estado, fotos y demás. Grx

  81. deanburgin

    since ‘upgrading’ to my hotmail account has disappeared. Now my new account has gone too.

    Can any one from microsoft help me?

    • Same problem here, I´ve lost all my mails, my space in skydrive, it´s a nightmare!

  82. eric1972sea

    I don’t see the Mark as Phishing or My Friends Account has been hacked buttons in are those gone for good? I like them made me feel like I was helping fight spam at the least.

  83. Gavin Ding

    The user can remove the updates of Messenger social in the previous version of Hotmail (see Snapshot) . But, I can’t find the option in new

  84. Richard Vonderhaar

    I like the new look. When will calendar be updated?

  85. How I can delete an existing folder ? please reply .

  86. الربيع زهرة عمري


  87. andreacastro

    por diversas vezes tentei encaminhar, responder e ate mesmo enviar um email depois que ja havia mudado pro outlook e o campo de escrever as mensagens estavam desabilitados, diante de inumeras tentativas em vao voltei pra versao anterior ao hotmail e so entao pude enviar a mensagem, mas fora isso gostei demais do layout do outlook.

  88. the new interface looks like something designed by a junior high school student. What happened to good graphics? Other than taking away the professional look I don’t notice much different from my hotmail. I would go back to hotmail, but reading between the lines I don’t think it will be long before it goes away in favor of this piece of trash. I also notice that they make a point of saying that I can try it for free, does that mean that at some point they will spring a new cost on us for a service I have had for free for 10 years? Sounds like something Microsoft would do. I also notice that the new Office 360 is just as stripped down and crappy as is. What happened, did Microsoft downsize and hire junior high students to save cost? Get professional people!


    I upgraded cash360 @ to the new yesterday and created 3 aliases. Now I can’t login to any of my accounts. Not the old, not the new, etc. Constantly says account does not exist. HELP HELP HELP

  90. Marie2370

    Hello all ! I have upgraded from hotmail to outlook two days ago. Everything is there, my sent and deleted emails. All emails that I had saved into folders created in hotmail are also created and copied into Outlook. PROBLEM: I just don’t receive NEW emails anymore. How do I fix this problem? Thanks.

  91. hector caplan

    comienzo algo nuevo espero sea bueno y perfecto

  92. good looking appearance……

  93. Hey guys, I have a BIG PROBLEM!
    You mentioned that Outlook currently does not support adding email addresses in country-specific domains, which is ok, BUT the thing is I already have a country-specific and it seems that’s the reason i cant rename it to 🙁
    I had my old and I had no problems renaming it to BUT isnt working 🙁 and I keep getting this message:
    "The email address associated with your Microsoft account can’t be changed"

    So, are you working on that too or? 🙂
    Hope to get your reply as soon as possible! 🙂

  94. Now that you (automatically) switched me over to Outlook, I can’t print out an incoming email, like I could with Hotmail. And I can’t find the Options menu alluded to in your notification…

  95. Alan Kelly

    PS and they wonder why the rest of the world is banning their products

  96. rkgriffin

    "Instead, email you send from your phone or other client will still be sent from the primary address of your account. This is a limitation we’re working hard to remove, so stay tuned."

    Any update on this? Just want to know if it will be soon or months away. If months away I will delete my alias and create a new account with it in 30 days. I need to be abl eto send emails from that address on my phone. Thanks!

  97. I can’t login to either or using my exisisting email id and password. i keep getting the signin page.


    I can’t login to either or using my exisisting log in details. I keep getting the signin page as well. When tried to reset the password, I receive error message:
    There’s a temporary problem
    There’s a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later.

    I am very frustrated now as there are lots valuable info on this account. Can anyone kindly advise if you experienced same issue? Or best contact number, email, etc.

    Many thanks in advance!!

  99. jrichview

    Only just started looking at So far I don’t see anything compelling over and above hotmail/windows live.

    One glaring omission in my mind is the auto-reply. I converted to an account which left my account as an alias. I should be able to set up an auto-reply for anyone who sends to my hotmail account so I can notify them that they need to start using the new email address. Kind of an obvious need, I would think?

    Maybe it’s there, but if so it should be easier to find.

  100. macho score

    ups olso l fogert to much to click .like click here and there .wast of my time . l dont wanna stay here oll time long .

  101. I was forced to upgrade to instead of I loathe it. My issues with it start with the childish design and ambigious icons (three dots…really?!?!) and go all the way through the ridiculous layout for writing an email. I don’t know about the rest of the English speakers, but I read from left to right. Why is the email box on the right side of the screen? Social media in my inbox? No thanks. Storing my personal documents somewhere in the ether of Microsoft? No thanks. Being badgerd about transferring emails every time I log in? No thanks. Having to deal with the idiotic design that is now NO THANKS! Please reconsider this. I much prefer, and I’d hate to leave a service I loved. If becomes permenant, I’ll have to leave. I seriously cannot stand using it.

  102. Amber – I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble using – however, I have some questions. (I’m not with either Microsoft or support – I’m simply another user that is having a great experience with

    1. Are you logging on with a browser or a third-party mail client (such as Outlook)?
    2. The only reason you would have social media appearing in your Inbox is if the account (either currently or the alias) is connected to that particular social media service); for example, I have no social media connected to my address, or the address it used to alias.
    3. You can access your account using the same settings that Hotmail uses – with Outlook 2013 Preview (my preferred e-mail program of choice) your login would be (or, if you haven’t migrated, it would be, the server ID would be, then your password. (Also, Outlook 2013 has a new server option – Exchange ActiveSync – specifically for users of and Hotmail.)

    Hope this helps!

  103. Glad to hear you’re having a great experience and all, Christopher. I’m still not. I’m logging in using a browser. Just like I did with Hotmail. It loads slowly (if at all), and I can’t blame it on my computer or speed of my Internet, since everything else (and my other Hotmail address) loads just fine. I have disabled all social media, but that doesn’t change the fact that I get constant messages about connecting said services to my email address, which I don’t want to do. Why would I want to access my when my already works? Number three makes no sense and I’m not really sure where you were going with that, or why you told me that.

    After three weeks of use, I still hate it.

  104. I can’t open my emails? In fact I can’t do anything. I can see the list of emails but when I click on them nothing happens. I was going to change back to hotmail but I can’t do that either as I can’t get option cog to open. Any ideas hot I can change back to hotmail using another method??

  105. PoetPatriot com

    Is there a limit to the Email Rules one can make? I was told 250 but I have 363 and counting.

  106. rayhome50

    Hi There, I upgraded to with my current account and i found that everything was good as I expected; only that when i began to use it it brought me up a serious problem; when I went to type in the pane for typing the message either in reply to or in new (composing an new message) it won’t let me. It will allow me to type in the Subject though but as you know this is not good enough as I am stranded now without any e-mail that works,

  107. I jumped into a new outlook account within a few days of it coming out, before I realised that I could just upgrade my old hotmail. I am now stuck, unable to divert my hotmail to my different outlook account, so I must log out and back in to my old hotmail. Ive been able to divert my gmail and other email accounts, but have had no luck with hotmail.

    • Same here. I wish I was aware of this ahead of time.

  108. Cant login into either outlook or hotmail account.It keeps saying account is upgrading. How long does it take to "upgrade" the account?

  109. I just switched myself from hotmail to outlook. The change is pleasant. The new UI is sleek yet very simple. I am in love with it, it looks so clean, tidy and well manged. No ads at all in the inbox (not yet, at least).
    The only negative I am facing right now is, HOW SLOW IT IS. outlook takes forever to load while others load just fine. Do something about it and then I would be a better email.
    Also, I tried to sync my gmail contacts with my account, I received the success email from outlook but when I click on "show contacts" nothing comes up. The list is still empty(yes, I have given it 48 hours, and my gmail contact list is not empty 🙂 )
    Anyway , I like the UI. If that’s what metro GUI is, I’m gonna love windows 8 !
    Also, If I create an alias and delete it and create a new one, does it count?
    what if someone emails me on my deleted alias?

  110. 3ayezakoon

    I wanna know if I can remove my alias as when I tried to stop it using the link " to stop using your alias click here" in the your alias is ready message it just opens !!! so what can I do

  111. Ivan Aguirre


    Since a while ago, I have no access to my hotmail account. When trying to reset my password the system is supposed to send the instructions to the email(s) I provided for such a situation. Well, I get an emial from the Microsoft Account Team with the subject: Microsoft account password reset, but the emial body completely empty.

    So I can’t access to my account and therefor I can’t make the upgrade to Outlook. Could you please let me know where can I get assistance to get access to my account?

    Any assistance to this request will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  112. smreynard

    I object to this "upgrade" being forced on me without my permission – I have changed it back to Hotmail!!!

  113. I was "that guy"
    I created a address and got the one I want, sent up the account logging in and sending as that account, in the process created an alias Hotmail now I have to sign in as the new Hotmail and the address can only be listed as a add and receive address

  114. grundlichkeit

    looks good, but once I move to what will happen with the points/profile I have in use on the microsoft technet forums?
    secondly, what will happen with the windows 8 machines where I am currently using the microsoft account?

  115. Hi, I like it but, please fix this bug;

    If you enter a text, select a word and add a link (using the clip icon). now within the same email, select another word, if you try to add a link it will be the same as the first link on the first word.

    Thus it is impossible to add two different links within the same email


  116. I recently upgraded to windows 8. When I click on the default mail app it opens my Hotmail account but without the outlook experience. When I go to my settings/account and add an account I get the option of Outlook, but when I put in my Hotmail username and password it says that account is already used. How can I get the outlook experience to show up when I click on the default mail app in windows 8?

  117. Help no longer working in safari browser?

  118. Help please!!I want to switch back to hotmail.My now outlook account has been frozen for almost two weeks.Please help me go back to hotmail.I can’t check my emails.Nothing is working.

  119. My upgrade isn’t working, there are always 9 errors loading the page and nothing on my page opens when I click on it.

    please help!

  120. When you upgrade to from Hotmail, you get the new service, and you keep everything about your account intact. You will continue to Hotmail Sign In with your using the same password.

  121. Marc Temmerman

    Just bought a new Windows 8 laptop. I am not getting the outlook screenview that I expect when using the Mail tile on the Win8 start screen. Moreover, the groups I created in Hotmail are missing whej I click on the People tile to which all individual contacts seem to have been transferred successfully?
    Anyone can help?

  122. Yesterday I "upgrade" Hotmail account at outlook. Today I cannot acces my box email . Message :

    "That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different email address or get a new account."
    Please help me.

  123. sbservices

    I am late coming in here, since the ‘upgrade’ took place. I was shocked to read the first paragraph where it says that they are amazed at how many people upgraded!!!! Like I had a choice… I was sending the notification email to another one of my emails… so I could view it later to make a decision… and voila!!! I was updated. One of my computers it works just fine, the other, I have an issue. I’m not saying I hate it… but wished i had made the decision and not you! You shouldn’t do things like that to people, it is just wrong!

  124. Didn’t sign up and it upgraded me anyway, The new look is ugly and its hard to find the unlabeled menus. Way to ruin a product I had no complaints with.

  125. i like it. However on windows 7 phone i can’t create a to-do entry on a different calendars, it only appears on default calendar. Please fix this

  126. parikh_hardik

    Hi, I tried to rename my account as per the instructions above. But I keep getting this message "The email address associated with your Microsoft account can’t be changed".
    I have tried several times, log out and log back in. But still same message. Can’t make it work. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    • Farhan Bane Han

      Hey I can’t see that option to rename my email address either all I see is rename account and I get the message:
      "The email address associated with your Microsoft account can’t be changed"

  127. If you "Rename your account to an account", do you still sign in with your Hotmail email address?
    If you "Rename your account to an account", can you add an alias to your account?

    • Dharmesh Mehta User">

      On the first one – no. You should use your new email

      On the second one – yes. You should see, and as potential options.

  128. Thoroughly unusable in a busy work context. Slow, slow, slow, with irritating habits such as the "saving in drafts" before you’ve finished writing an email, then not letting you send it. Attachments painfully tedious to download; the graphics and colours are vile. Unable to create a group email address. Unable to delete more than one message at a time. Emails slow to open, and difficult to send. NOT IMPRESSED.

  129. They have fixed the limitation that made this necessary!!
    You just go to your email accounts and change the default send to the new Outlook account.
    I am super excited about this I was getting ready to reset my phone! Thanks MS team! 🙂

  130. Rename your e-mail address is not therem, it says "Upgrade to Ad-free Outlook". Which is a dead link.

  131. beatlefan46

    I have had nothing but problems with my emails using Outlook so I switched back. It would take forever to access just one or it would tell me there’s a problem. I would then check the link and it would say Outlook working as normal or whatever. It’s not my computer since I have no problem accessing other sites. It’s getting to the point where I am seriously thinking of switching to another email service.

  132. Hi there!

    I switched to the new ‘outlook’. However, the old email address still ‘on’. I would like to know until when my old email address will be working.

  133. Why cant I access "more mail settings" when I click on options cog. All I get is a blank page. I wanted to change my hotmail address to If I try to rename my account in other ways it says "this e-mail account cannot be changed"

  134. Camilo Padilla

    Another question if not changed to outlook and keeping hotmail, is it possible to add an alias to hotmail?

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