Introducing – Modern Email for the Next Billion Mailboxes

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Recently, we talked about how we’ve reimagined cloud services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And we described new apps for Windows 8, updates to SkyDrive, and how cloud services power the new Office Preview, We’ve also been hard at work on a mission to reimagine personal email – from the datacenter all the way to the user experience. Today, we’re starting to deliver on that goal with a preview of the new – modern email designed for the next billion mailboxes.

Webmail was first introduced with HoTMaiL in 1996. Back then, it was novel to have a personal email address you could keep for life – one that was totally independent from your business or internet service provider. Eight years later, Google introduced Gmail, which included 1 GB of storage and inbox search. And while Gmail and other webmail services like Hotmail have added some features since then, not much has fundamentally changed in webmail over the last 8 years – though yesterday’s frustrations about the small size of inboxes are now things of the past. At the same time, email is becoming less and less useful as inboxes become cluttered with newsletters and social updates, and people increasingly keep up their personal connections in social networks instead of their email address books. All of this has led many to hope for a better solution so you don’t have to settle for today’s webmail.

It’s Time for a Change


We think the time is right to reimagine email. So today, we’re introducing a preview of We realized that we needed to take a bold step, break from the past and build you a brand new service from the ground up. You already know Outlook via the Outlook desktop application-for PCs and Macs-as the world’s most popular application for reading email, managing a calendar, and connecting to people. And you may have used the Outlook Web App connected to Exchange Server in your organization. Now, in addition to a desktop application and a service for businesses, we’re offering Outlook as a personal email service –

Modern experience for modern browsers and devices. Email isn’t just about the browser anymore. In fact, email represents 20% of the time we spend on smartphones, and is used extensively on tablets as well as PCs. Outlook is designed cloud first, so all of your mail is always available wherever you are. Its fresh, clean user interface gets the clutter out of your way-the header has 60% fewer pixels and there are 30% more messages visible in your inbox than the webmail most people are used to. And there are no display ads or large search boxes that take up extra space. also uses Exchange ActiveSync, so it powers your mail, calendar and people experience on your smartphone, tablet, and the new Outlook 2013 Preview.




Connected to friends and co-workers, wherever they are. Over the last several years, social networks have become an incredibly popular place to share and communicate with friends and co-workers. At the same time, email use among people who use social networks actively has continued to increase. We saw an opportunity to make email better by using your connections on social networks to enrich your email experience. And so with the preview, we are giving you the first email service that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon, Skype, to bring relevant context and communications to your email.

In the inbox, your personal email comes alive with photos of your friends, recent status updates and Tweets that your friend has shared with you, the ability to chat and video call – all powered by an always up-to-date contact list that is connected to your social networks. And, of course, you are in control of your experience – what you share, the networks you connect to, and your personal information.  




Smart and powerful. Today’s inbox is about more than just exchanging mail with the people you know -50% of the email in a typical inbox is newsletters and another 20% is social network updates. This is part of the reason our inboxes are overloaded and we often feel it’s a chore to “do email.” automatically sorts your messages from contacts, newsletters, shipping updates, and social updates, and with our Sweep features you can move, delete and set up powerful rules in a few, simple clicks so you can more quickly get to the email you really want.

People also use email to share photos and work together on documents. So we included free Office Web Apps — Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote – which let you view and edit attachments without leaving your inbox. And comes with SkyDrive, so if you’re sending photos, documents, or just about any other file, you can now put them on SkyDrive and stop worrying about attachment limits.



Putting you in control. Email is private and confidential, and most folks we’ve talked to want to keep it that way. So we keep your personal email personal. We don’t scan your email content or attachments and sell this information to advertisers or any other company, and we don’t show ads in personal conversations. We let you decide whether to connect your account to social networks, and which ones you want to use – and you’re in control of who you friend or follow. And, if you’re a power user who wants to really fine tune your inbox, we let you create your own categories, folders, and rules to tailor to your preferences.

And of course comes with the features you’d expect from any email service. Building on our past work with Exchange and Hotmail, we provide an inbox with virtually unlimited storage, industry leading spam protection, and rock solid account protection powered by your Microsoft account. also works great with the Outlook desktop application, and as you’d expect from a personal email service, it’s free.

Get Started Today at

While today’s preview is just the start, is ready now to become your primary email service. We’re expecting millions of people to try it out. Starting today, you can get an email address, and we’ve also made it easy to get started with your current email address if you want to.  

  • If you’re a Hotmail customer and want to upgrade to the preview, just click “Upgrade” in the options menu of Hotmail. Your email address, password, contacts, old email, and rules will remain unchanged, and you can send/receive email from your or or address. You’ll experience it all in the new preview user interface. You can also add an email address to your account if you want.
  • Using Gmail, Yahoo, or another email service? No problem – it’s easy to try the preview by going to If you have a Microsoft account, just log in and get started. If you don’t, it’s easy to create a new account with an email address. Then you can set up Gmail or your other email service to forward your mail to and import your contacts and messages by following these instructions . This will let you use both services for now, but we think that over time, most people will prefer
  • Don’t have an email address? Go to and create a new one and you’ll be up and running.

Once you’re using, you can also set it up on your phone (Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other phone), tablet (Windows 8, iPad, and Android), in the new Outlook 2013 Preview, or in other mail apps you might use. And because supports Exchange ActiveSync, you can set it up just like you would your Exchange or Hotmail account.  Have more questions? See our step-by- step guide to setting up on your phone.

Join the Preview and Join the Conversation

Today is the start of our preview, which represents an opportunity to learn together as we roll out and scale this new service. We know your email is important and you need a service that puts you in control, and we’re looking forward to your feedback. Once you’re using the service, just click Feedback in the Options menu and let us know what you think. If you have questions about this post, feel free to leave a comment here on our blog, or join us on Reddit later today where we’re hosting an “Ask me anything” at 11am PST. We have a lot more we’ll be sharing on this blog, and we look forward to continuing this conversation with you.

A lot has changed in the last eight years, and we think it’ time for a fresh look at email – modern, connected, smart, powerful, and in control. So try out the preview at We think you’ll like what you see.

Chris Jones




Join the conversation

  1. Erick Acevedo

    Awesome… Just that…. Awesome.

  2. John Wilson

    Wow. Where do I begin? The ads in the sidebar are very annoying and there should be an option to remove them. There is far too much white space at the bottom of the screen that could be used for something helpful. The speed is very slow, both sending and receiving was far slower than gmail. The placement of the send button is awkward and unhelpful.

    I understand this is a preview but it is pretty poor.

  3. How can I sign out of messenger? I don’t want to be signed in to messenger on WLM AND in my browser too…that’s just daft…

    • Dick Craddock User">

      You can set your Messenger status to "invisible" by going to the "cog" in the upper-right corner.

  4. Fantastic! … doesn’t seem to be available in my Hotmail options … is it available in Asia yet?

    • Dick Craddock User">

      The preview is available worldwide. You can sign in at to upgrade your account.

  5. I barely got passed the CAPTCHA. Seriously, it like four times, and when my email wasn’t available I had to enter it again. Really I just badly wanted to see what this was like, otherwise I would have given up.

  6. I created an Outlook account and now cannot get back to Hotmail in order to upgrade Hotmail to Please help!

    • Omar Shahine User">

      Patrick, you need to "rename" your account from hotmail to outlook. You cannot create a new account and migrate your old account there.

    • Dick Craddock User">

      Hi, Patrick – try signing out, then go to and sign back in with the account you want to upgrade.

  7. I’ve been a hard core Google user and find this an impressive start. Maybe microsoft is getting innovative again? I’m not the first to think MS has been lackluster on innovation aside from Kinect – a home run, but MS is like everyone’s father – we all started computing on MS products, and the company can – and is, based on products like this – become hip, fresh, and relevant again.

    My .02 is (1.) Agree with John that "send" should be more clear, and probably bottom right, since we read top down L to R, and (2.) this is maybe just me, but I love the David Allen GTD philosophy; integrating a Google Docs equivalent / superior / killer means a chance to help people take control.. every email is "FYI", or "I request you do something (task list)", or schedule (calendar..) or pending. Areas in which Gmail is weak IMHO is scheduling (non-existent except via plugins), sometimes slow, and the to-do / tasks is pretty weak. Contacts is improving, but integrating the FB and skype has more potential.

  8. This is Brilliant!

  9. jasonbeckett

    Of all the things being introduced with this new update I can’t believe you overlooked a HUGE feature that has been conspicuously missing from HOTMAIL…the ability to have a unique signature for each email address in the system. This is email client 101 stuff…and the function has been in Gmail for years now. It’s been a colossal inconvenience in Hotmail…and I had high hopes it would be resolved in…but alas, it has not. As far as I’m concerned…without out that type of "real-life" functionality, is just a prettier version of Hotmail. It doesn’t matter how many extra bells and whistles you add (Facebook integration, Twitter, Skype) if it doesn’t do basic email function….it’s not a contender.

  10. thechristoph

    I can’t get past the CAPTCHA…what gives?

  11. Given that this looks more like the Win 8 Mail app and less like Outlook 2013 beta, was the Outlook team even involved with this? This looks more like something the Windows Live team did and they got approval to call it Outlook.

  12. My Reaction on signing in: Wow!

    You can sign in with your old hotmail/live accounts

  13. andrewkantor

    Looks very, very nice! Now for some nits:

    IMAP support is still missing. You really, really need that.

    When I check a bunch of messages, if I accidentally click even a pixel out of the check box, all my selections are un-checked. Very, very annoying!

    There are too many inconsistencies in the interface. Best example: To mark individual messages as read I hover my mouse and wait for the icon. But to mark a _group_ as read I have to select them and right-click.

    Another way to put it: When I select several (or all) messages, my options should be more obvious. There’s a drop-down menu, but that’s just for viewing options. If I click one of the message’s "Delete" icons, it deletes only that message and unselects all the other ones I’ve checked. Argh!

    So it’s getting there, but you really need to make the interface more consistent so I click the same things to do the same tasks whether I’m looking at one message or a bunch.

  14. pradeepviswav

    Fantastic.. Awesome..

  15. thomasjobin


  16. Can I change the name of my existing hotmail once I switch over to outlook? And if so, will i retain and receive any emails that wold have gone to the old name?

    On a side note, is there a way to get pop-up notifications or is that a feature not offered?

  17. Dharmesh Mehta User">

    @BoJaxson Yes you can rename your account. You can do that here: When you do this, we turn your old email address into an alias on your new one and so mail sent to the old address will still reach you.

    • Thanks! I just did it. It worked perfectly…only problem is my WP7. When I switched over, I received a text message asking me to use a code to confirm the change. When I go to the link, I don’t see anyplace to use the code that was provided.

    • Dennis Wilson

      I tried the preview, linked my Hotmail account to a new screenname and now can’t access my primary e-mail address. I wanted the NEW address to be the alias, which the instructions led me to believe would be the case. But now when I log in I get an error message, "The Microsoft account you’ve entered does not exist."

      How can I get my old Hotmail address — the one I’ve been using for 17 years as my primary e-mail address and which is on all my business cards, resumes and letterhead — back?

  18. Can the rename action be reverted, or an account be renamed back to the old address?

  19. @Dharmesh Mehta that only gives me and choices :/

    • Dick Craddock User">

      Hi, Chris – make sure you sign in to first. Then, when you rename or add an alias, you should get the option to use

  20. David Elliott

    Have you considered letting people use their own domain with this system, for example, Then we could take advantage of all the great features, spam protection, cloud availability, etc… with our personalized domain.

  21. You would figure after years of using the same old crappy CAPTCHA you would upgrade it to something better. I probably tried 20 times to sign up with no luck because it kept telling me my CAPTCHA was incorrectly entered.

    • I agree with this. Few weeks ago, for the life of me, I could not get past that phase while attempting to create a new live ID for a relative of mine.

  22. Is the team ever going to allow alternate email addresses to be delivered DIRECTLY to without the need for other providers?

    I am not likely to move all of my personal email accounts from Gmail until I can actually close my Google Apps account. I cannot do that if I still have to POP my messages from there…

  23. Like it after a first look. Going to give it a try against my current mail combo. Keep up!

  24. browsetech

    I got a new email, first time I got it as an alias, this was what I hoped for, so I did it again with a new outlook email. This time it renamed my account, I do not want this. The SMS I got said "The account has changed name to If this is not correct, you can visit" but I can’t get it to change back to my original address. Please help.

    • Dick Craddock User">

      If you renamed your account and you want to change it back to your original name, just sign-in with the new name, then go back to the Rename page and put in the original name. Here’s the rename page:

      • browsetech

        I just get " isn’t available."

        • browsetech

          Thank you so much, now everything is back to normal.

  25. Tech Marketer

    I really like the recent developments by Microsoft. After capturing a considerable market in HyperV’s and Cloud computing from its great rivalry VMware. Now Microsoft’s 800 pound gorilla is ready to compete Google in this email client industry. I am really looking forward to see some new and innovative features in, and hope Microsoft will not disappoint us by just replicating the same functions and features that it already has in Hotmail.

    Here’s a nice blog explaining how and why Microsoft will dominate Hypervisors, VDI, Cloud & more in 2012:

    If anyone is planning to write a blog or an article on how or why Microsoft will dominate this email hosting industry, please keep me posted.


  26. Overall, so far it is fine.

    It would be nice if they gave an option to click on calendar and contacts like you do in outlook in the bottom left hand panel where there is wasted space. Drop down is OK but not everyone will even find it up there. Kind of the like new start in metro – many people don’t explore. I can’t tell you how many people never clicked on the show desktop icon because they weren’t sure what it would do.

  27. j_reinaldo

    If I rename my account and do the factory reset on my Windows Phone, will I have to re-purchase all the apps I have already paid for, or will it recognize that the new name account is the same as the previous one and allow me to download everything without paying for them again?

    • Dick Craddock User">

      You will not have to re-purchase your apps, but you will have to reinstall everything.

      • j_reinaldo

        No problem on re-installing as long as I don’t have to re-pay. I will give this a shot later today. So far I do like the new interface a lot. Thanks!

  28. Not iPad friendly. For some reason I can’t get the new site to load on my iPad. I used both Chrome and Safari to navigate to and tried using my old Hotmail account and registering a new "" account. Neither seems to work with the new features (both redirect me to the old Live mail interface once logged in, even when I click "PC site".) I’ll have to try again from a desktop later ( and personal email sites are blocked at work) but a key factor in winning market share is making the service iPad friendly!

  29. I have a hotmail account connected to all my social services and on Windows Phone. I also have an email address with a personalized domain which I would like to use on the new I don’t mind combining and adding my personalized email address to my hotmail "additional addresses" but the issue is I cannot "send email as" from anywhere except web. Are you planning to add the capability to send email as another address from Windows Phone and Windows 8/Mail app?

    • Dick Craddock User">

      This is a great suggestion, and something we hope to address. Thanks for using Outlook.

  30. laughing_cai

    Microsoft should make it so that when people send you picture attachments you can directly save them into Skydrive instead of having to download the pictures and then upload the pictures to Skydrive

    • Dick Craddock User">

      This is a great suggestion, and something we’re considering adding to

  31. If I close my newly created Outlook account will the id be available instantly for me to "rename" my hotmail account?

    • Dick Craddock User">

      Unfortunately not. The newly-created account will expire after about a year, and become available after that.

  32. mobilejray

    How much space is provided for storage in the site?
    Also, can I export my email to a PST file for backup/archive?

    • Dharmesh Mehta User"> comes with virtually unlimited storage. If you’re using the Outlook desktop app, you can export your email to a PST (just like with your other email accounts)

  33. Outlook should always send email in UTF-8, or at least have an option to do so.

  34. I have an existing Microsoft Live account that I log into with an @yahoo email address. I saw no option to change my email to an @outlook address (only @live and @hotmail) so I created a brand new @outlook separately. The problem now is that I cannot use the new @outlook on my existing live account. The error is: You can’t use in your Microsoft account email address. Please try a different email address.


  35. Great so far – what I am missing is a calender!!!

  36. kubano1984

    It’s beautiful, as for the colors available i’d would made a grey or dark grey available too. The new look you’re giving to alll Microsoft thing is incredible I just can’t wait to see the final W8 in october.

  37. peterpulmonary

    from the email page, how do you get to your contacts to enter a new contact. also, how do you get to calendar? on pc.

    • Hey Peter, if you go to the Outlook logo in the top left of the header, you’ll see the drop down to go to People and Calendar

      • peterpulmonary

        i see. thanks. Aby and Dharmesh. looks almost like windows 8 getting started early!

    • Dharmesh Mehta User">

      If you hover over the Outlook logo on the top left, you’ll see a drop-down appear that you can use to switch to your address book and calendar

  38. giodelgado

    I have an existing Hotmail account but I didn’t see the Link option so I made a new account and now I can’t find a way to merge the accounts, any suggestions?

    I see there’s an option in my settings called "LINK A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT" should I use that?

    I have the Hotmail account linked to my windows phone and I don’t want to lose all my purchases and Skydrive uploads.

    Nice job!!!


  39. One of the best Refreshing Changes in a long time! Feels great to use! Can’t wait till Win8 Arrives!

  40. jamesnovak

    I am unable to access the site… I get stuck in an infinite redirect loop, hitting variations on I get the same if I hit,,, etc. I’ve tried this from several different browsers with all add on’s disabled.

    • Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this

      • jamesnovak

        cool, thanks!

  41. jesseriah

    Question: If I already have a Hotmail account, with an associated SkyDrive account, with the free 25GB storage upgrade from a few months ago, will I lose any of that storage by upgrading to

    • Nope, you get to keep you Skydrive storage with the upgrade

    • jhenry0126

      Good question, I really don’t want to lose my 25GB storage or SkyDrive either. Microsoft?

  42. Unless I’m being particularly dense there’s no ‘upgrade’ link within my Hotmail Options menu.

      • Kasper Hansen

        Aby – How is that done? I made a new account, and linked it to my old Hotmail account (That has the 25gb SkyDrive) – When I check the @outlook account it shows 7gb and none of the files I have on the Hotmail accounts SkyDrive is shown.

  43. rainbowlynx

    I still can’t add more than 3 e-mail adresses to one contact, and no way to add photo to contact. So contact list is still useless as it was, while interface is really good.
    Also it is impossible to open e-mail message in separate window.

  44. Tobias Schwind

    Hows about Windows Live Custom Domain Users?
    When will they are able to use the new
    Currently i get redirected to after Login with my Microsoft Account (which uses Live Custom Domain for Email).
    Or will Windows Live Custom Domain Service stopped after is the new Portal for Hotmail?

    • Yes, Custom Domain users can upgrade their accounts as well by going to if you have co-branding enabled, you may need to turn it off

      • Tobias Schwind

        Thanks a lot.That was exactly the Problem 🙂

        I Never had the idea that the Cobranding Function could be the reason 🙂
        Thank you very much.

      • jhenry0126

        Will co-branding be supported. I like the branded logo to be displayed on the site.

    • jhenry0126

      I agree. I have my custom domain too and would like to take advantage of, but I still want access to my skydrive.

      • jhenry0126

        I found the skydrive link, It is a context menu option off of outlook on the top nav and it looks like Calendar has not been upgraded.

  45. Just a warning if you add an email address it totally takes over and you can no longer sign in with your old email address anymore and doesn’t appear to be anyway to change it back.
    This needs to be much clearer before the system starts transfering. Not happy now having to sign into everything with a longer email address especially from a mobile device by the time you get told you can no longer sign in with your old address its too late to back out.

    • jasonbeckett

      FALSE. This is not the case. If you have an existing HOTMAIL account and simply "upgrade" to the new OUTLOOK.COM interface (by visiting the URL while logged in to Hotmail) the system will update your hotmail with the new UI and all accounts, settings, folders, and features are still there. If you choose to create a NEW alias, that will be added to your accounts (but you will not be able to use it as your login for the account.

      IF…on the otherhand, you hastily went to OUTLOOK.COM and created a NEW account…then, yea, that email address is in charge. Don’t be hasty…read the instructions…and enjoy the new Metro UI

      • Dennis Wilson

        I read the instructions and it wasn’t clear that the "original" address would be deactivated. Are you aware of any way to undo this?

  46. mkhalil28

    BULL! I created it using my Microsoft account @ gmail. THEN I created a few alias. All of a sudden, one of my alias’s (4th?) became my main account. I DID NOT want that. So i tried to change my default account to an alias I made that has NOPE, cannot change default account to, only live or hotmail. Wierd, because the main account was set to an @outlook after making it an alias. W/e. I remove all my aliases.

    Then I logout, and try to make a new using a name I would like. NOPE. Already taken. by whom!? I just removed it, plus now there is no way to get it back. Everything would of been just fine if 2 things happened/didn’t happen:

    1) Intially allow users to set there default account to an account
    2) FIX BUG That made an alias I created automatically become my main account. I mean seriously, I created the alias, then it moved me to a login page. I had my password 3 times until I realized it got switched over.

    NOW I CAN’T ADD MORE ACCOUNTS. It says Limit reached!? I know this seems like a rant,but I loved the flow of the service and the looks. Too bad :/ I won’t be using it if I can’t get the email address I want.

  47. TheJeantets

    Sweet! I’m sold.

  48. If I rename my Hotmail account, what happens to past app purchases in the marketplace (one under my Hotmail alias) and what about your xbox live and zune subscriptions?

    • You may need to re-download your apps to your phone, but your purchase history and xbox/zune subscriptions will remain intact


    Interesting. After playing around with it a bit it looks like it’s basically Hotmail with a taste of the Outlook 2013/Metro-style UI slapped on it. It looks nice enough, and if I didn’t have an email account elsewhere I would consider using it, but I’m not seeing anything compelling enough to warrant switching email providers. Looking at this it looks like a "me too" of Gmail with a prettier UI. If you have Gmail you already have a solid email platform with solid anti-spam capability, and the ability to host your private domain with them for free. You also get integrated Gtalk for IM and videoconferencing. What other features does offer beyond that?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Microsoft. I work for a Microsoft partner implementing Microsoft technologies, and I’ve had a significant number of Microsoft certifications over the years, but where’s the hook? When Gmail debuted it was with the promise of massive amounts of mail storage (1 GB was unheard of at the time) with the power of Google search in your mailbox. There was a hook to encourage switching then, because you could get something that nobody else offered. But where is the hook for

  50. agarwalmk

    How do you connect your microsoft account to your Skype account?

    • Hey Manoj, that ability is coming soon

  51. Like the look. I’ve create a new account/email address. How do I add another email address to that same account? I think I see where an or email address can be attached, but does not appear to be an option. I want one account with two email addresses. Thx

    • edxlucero

      Logon to and In click settings More Mail Settings and add by using Create Mail Alias to add your 2nd account. You may also browse directly to after you login in

  52. sphinxridd

    I’ve linked my gmail account to but it’s only showing me emails from 2007. How do i get recent mails to show up?

  53. Too bad it is so unresponsive on the iPad. If I had used Windows Live web interface to acess mail, I would not be able to do it after this upgrade.

  54. Yorick Van Alphen

    Looks great, however I am using my liveID a lot (Phone, Xbox, Marketplace, SkyDrive)… so I have a few concerns;

    1) what happens with my bought storage space on SkyDrive, am I keeping my SkyDrive storage?
    2) what happens with my XBOX? Do I log in with Hotmail or
    3) do i have to re-install the SkyDrive app on my pc?
    4) If i do a hard reset of my Windows Phone, will I be able to reinstall all my apps?

    Thanks for the heads up…

  55. In a rush (because I have a common name) I went and signed up for a new outlook email address right away…however…I later found that I could just upgrade from my msn email address. Is there anyway to "upgrade" after the fact? I tried upgrading my account to the account and of course my new @outlook address says it is already taken – duh because I signed up for a new outlook account with it. Would love to just go back and upgrade so I don’t lose my 25gb of skydrive storage or have to deal with moving all my mail, contacts, etc… Help?

  56. Aditya Manthena

    Do you have any plans for a dedicated tasks application? (

    I know that OneNote has support for adding tasks, but it’s a lengthy process. You need to go to Skydrive -> OneNote file and then add tasks.

    I feel Tasks is very important application which can be useful to several people in day to day life, and it deserves a separate application, rather than integrated into OneNote.

    Also do you have any plans for a RSS reader similar to Google Reader?

    Please consider launching Tasks and RSS applications. These are the two applications that are holding me back from switching to Microsoft Live Services.

  57. I accidentally changed my mail from to

    How do I change it back to

    • mollykaur

      Did you get an answer to this,. I did the same and I really want to get back to my hotmail Id.

      • Nope, not yet. I am desperate to get back to hotmail

    • browsetech

      "If you renamed your account and you want to change it back to your original name, just sign-in with the new name, then go back to the Rename page and put in the original name. Here’s the rename page: "

      If you get " isn’t available."

      "The original name may have to be removed as an email alias at first, before the rename is possible."

      • Unfortunately, I am unable to get my original name back. I always have to sign in using mail address.

        Any help?

  58. browsetech

    I love most of the new metro look, but why is calendar still the old Windows Live, and not updated like contacts/people?

    • Dharmesh Mehta User">

      We’re still in preview right now but we know this is one we need to get to.

  59. i want to try

    i’m stuck with the try it( going back to my bell hotmail web interface why am i currently shut out?

    • Mike Schackwitz User">

      Since this has launched as a Preview, we aren’t upgrading the inboxes of our partners like Bell yet. This will be coming soon.

  60. FYI I am not even able to reach the page. The page rotate’s between to and continues to spool. I have tried a number of times cleared cache and cookies and still continue to get it. Just thought you might like to know


  61. If I have to continue on address…
    1. what will happen to my hotmail account?
    2. do I have to change my email address in every possible place like banks etc?
    3. will I be able to log in as account?

    • jasonbeckett

      As far as I can see, nothing changes with your HOTMAIL services, settings, or features when you go to the interface. When you are logged in to your HOTMAIL account and then type into your browser, HOTMAIL will update the user interface to the new OUTLOOK.COM UI but nothing else changes about your account, POP address, signatures, or folders. It’s all the same.

      You have the option (but not the obligation) to create a new alias but that alias can not be used to log into your account (you will continue to use your original hotmail address). There is no need to replace your existing HOTMAIL contact use because it will work the same with the platform.

      You continue to have the option to use either the original HOTMAIL interface, or the new OUTLOOK interface. You can make the choice in the settings controls.

  62. Oh great, another pointless UI update to get used to, and once again, you break compatibility with Opera. The only reason I haven’t switched to gmail fully is because I’d have to update my email address on a couple hundred sites, but every time you do this, I get closer to doing it.

  63. GrimFandango9

    Logged in at and just goes to old hotmail style. No option to upgrade either 🙁

  64. George Ou First impression of is BLAZING FAST. But the down arrow next to the "Outlook" button in the upper left hand corner needs to be rethought. It pulls down an animated menu that took a little too long in the animation when I expected a pulldown menu. The little down arrow is a little too small of a target to click or touch.

  65. walterbee

    so far i like the web app, but unless i’m missing something there is no way to get my email on outlook 2007 with this new account.

  66. melinda_lackey

    Just upgraded to Outlook from my Hotmail options – the whole thing is now frozen. New emails are coming in and I can see my emails, folders, etc. but cannot open anything or change any settings. Thoughts?

    • Mike Schackwitz User">

      We aren’t familiar with this issue. What browser are you using? Try closing all browser windows, clearing your browser cache (go to Internet Options, click Delete, and then Delete again) and sign in again.

      • melinda_lackey

        I did that. I am using Internet explorer 8. I can move the "lists" of email (from and subject) and folders, but when I click on any email, it won’t open – neither will settings? Says "error on page" on bottom left hand corner?

      • melinda_lackey

        Notably – it works great on Mozilla Firefox but not on my Explorer 8…?

  67. missykaren

    I like the web app – I’d really like an address, but not if I have to factory reset my Windows phone – I’ve just got it set up as I like it!

    Any chance this will get fixed, and is there a workround to let me reserve my preferred address?

  68. Suppose I upgrade @hotmail to @outlook, my 25GB free SkyDrive storage space will be transferred without downgrading to 7GB too?

    • Mike Schackwitz User">

      When you upgrade your inbox (e.g. by logging in to or rename your account, it doesn’t change any of the other settings associated with this account. So, you’ll keep whatever you have in Xbox or SkyDrive or other services.

      • Nice. But this leads to another question:

        Now that I can upgrade from currentAlias@hotmail to currentAlias@outlook and keep current settings, can I get a newAlias@outlook and keep currentAlias@hotmail (or currentAlias@outlook after upgrade) settings?

  69. drwhofan98

    Outlook is the best email service ever! I love it! I’ve upgraded my address to a nice new address, and it’s brilliant. One thing I would like to see though is more Outlook features in the Windows 8 Mail app. Otherwise, Gmail better be very scared.

  70. lee.eubanks

    It won’t allow me to choose the address I want even though the addresses are not taken by anyone else. What gives?

  71. lee.eubanks

    Every email address I’ve chosen, it says it’s not available.

  72. SteveMetro

    Fabulous! Love the new interface. Kudos to Microsoft and team Outlook!! Terrific!

  73. Brett Stevens

    It’s really beautiful. Congratulations on such an advanced-looking product. Now playing with it. One thing you guys could learn from email: keep the URL strings simple and use one host domain. Makes things a lot simpler!

    I can’t get over how elegant and spacious the interface is!!!

  74. What will happen to Windows Live Custom Domains going forwards. Right now, I can use the new Outlook (which, by the way, is amazing). Will custom domains be supported going forwards?


    Is there anyone I can email with my two email address to have my 25gb skydive transferred over.

  76. I really like the redesign with one exception, the ads. Is it possible to disable the ads that appear over on the right hand side.

  77. AWESOME!!! Looks great~!

  78. I tried out I am not sure if it already exists in outlook, but i wish there was an option to download mails that you receive onto desktop as Word document or PDF. It will be really useful to highlight quotes/sections from email or perhaps download/(save to skydrive) the entire conversation in a "ms office compatible document"!!!


    I just created a an outlook account without knowing that I could upgrade my live account to it. I got the id which I wanted in the outlook domain but with a 7GB sky drive. Is it possible to port my live account to the new outlook account with my existing 25GB space. Please let tell me it is possible. Who can I get in touch with ?

    • I did the same thing, please help…I would like my skydrive transferred over to my new outlook account

      • ChicDivaGeek

        You should try creating an alias so that you don’t have to give up your original email address, this feature is under options, you get the functionality of the email address but without using an email address that you have been using for a much longer period of time

  80. i upgrade my hotmail account to a outlook account, but i can’t see my messenger contacts online neither they can see me online, what can i do?

  81. fenster1138

    I would really like to see a group by function like in real outlook. Then I can see my emails by sender and click one box to check all from that sender and deal with them. The right click and do something with this email address sort of works but still not as effective.

  82. Bruno Almeida

    Doesn´t work on Opera.
    For 10+ years i use this service on a Opera Browser, fix it.

  83. Dennis Wilson

    I tried the preview, linked my Hotmail account to a new screenname and now can’t access my primary e-mail address. I wanted the NEW address to be the alias, which the instructions led me to believe would be the case. But now when I log in I get an error message, "The Microsoft account you’ve entered does not exist."

    How can I get my old Hotmail address — the one I’ve been using for 17 years as my primary e-mail address and which is on all my business cards, resumes and letterhead — back?

    On another note, I agree with the sentiment that the new design features too much white space, especially in the message list and reading pane. I’d like the option to reduce both the font size and even moreso the leading.

  84. charley911

    So far I have not been able to get to either by upgrading my current account or creating a new one. When I go to the options menu in Hot Mail I cannot find an option to upgrade. Where exactly is it? If I try to navigate to I just get re-directed to my Hot Mail account.

    • Mike Schackwitz User">

      Since this is a preview, not all functionality is available yet. For instance, if your account is co-branded with another partner (e.g. Bell in Canada) then you aren’t eligible to upgrade yet. This will be enabled later this year.

  85. charliedelga

    I upgraded my Hotmail account to an outlook account. I loved the interface but now I regret the decision since my not so old Nokia phone won’t sync my mail anymore. Tried to sync it as hotmail account or as exchange account account to no success

    • Mike Schackwitz User">

      Did you rename your Hotmail account to an address? And was this the primary address you used with your phone? If so, then you’ll need to set up your phone again with the new address. This article may be helpful:

      If this was a secondary account on your phone, then delete the old account and re-add it.

  86. bikemanAMD

    Already loving the Interface of!!…Very clean and nicely designed, will use this alot..

  87. I think this update has been good to Microsoft. My new inbox looks very clear and easy to use. The page loading is fast, which allows me to more use and less frustration. The improvements are remarkable and fresh touch of are better than windows live in his time. The added content such as Skype, Facebook and Tweeter seems to be the best choice today. One to one recommend this new version of my mail and I’ll use it as soon pass from the Beta.

    • is twitter not tweeter 😛 (finger mistake)

  88. Great work on the new

    However, I am very VERY VERY VERY disappointed that after all this dramatic and great changes across all major Microsoft products, Windows Live Contacts, now called People is still using the same ANCIENT method with pre-set fields for storing information!!

    It is still impossible to have a contact with many Mobile numbers, multiple Home Email addresses etc.

    The new People is still stuck with preset fields of Mobile 1 and Mobile 2!!

    Seriously guys this is one of the biggest complaints I am hearing the last decade.

    I cannot move my contacts to People because many of my contacts have multiple Mobile numbers. I have a person with 4 Mobile numbers!

    Apple and Google Contacts and all Symbian Phones are supporting this for ages now.
    Microsoft products in the other hand like Office Outlook, Hotmail, Windows Phone and Windows 8 (and now are all suffering for this major issue.

    Please fix this immediately.

    Please visit this topic at the official Windows Phone uservoice website for more info.

    I am really waiting for your respond on this and really hoping for an immediately FIX.

  89. Vik Kothari User">

    will i lose my 25GB storage with the old LIVE account if I renamed my current Windows LIVE ID?

  90. New mail Outlook domain
    wow, what a surprise first off! Second will this new version of outlook on the web, be identical to the mail App for windows 8 Metro?
    The current preview App for windows 8 metro is,eh hem, not good.
    This outlook preview however…………Looks like a da** good job !
    I like the messenger integration very well. No more corny themes?
    Thats a plus! All the hotmail functionality still seems there, great work!
    One thing of note- the fonts; garamond tahoma franklin gothic medium
    look exactly the same. Other fonts appear as expected. there seems to ne no highlighter, am undecided about that choice.

    Overall grade at this time? solid A .

  91. Clean, fast and well designed. Thanks!

  92. Amazing..really surprised…good bye gmail.

  93. khaled_albadri

    i need to go back to

  94. khaled_albadri

    i can’t sign in with @

    i need to go back to

  95. rickroberts

    I am surprised by how nice this is, but why not let us change our MX records so that you handle our email? I don’t wish to forward mail to you.

  96. Several minutes later and i am still palying around with it, and still am digging it, ha!
    I hope it is OK to give kudos once in a while here?

  97. Fernando de Alarcón

    Hi! I like the new… Can I change my domain grom to… Hoe can I do if ti´s possible?… or it will cahnge automatically?…



      You will need to create an alias. Go to settings and you should be able to find the option to create an alias

  98. Aggressions

    I like it, It’s clean and easy to read. Sahil Of course is missing some some features. Its still in preview mode.

  99. ChicDivaGeek

    I like the clean interface that it has, I managed to create my alias so that I can keep my original account. Good Job Microsoft!!

  100. vpapaioannou

    I have transferred my old ( address to a new address ( The transaction were smooth, and all my stored e-mails , contacts etc. were transferred successfully from my account to my new account .

    1) I have changed my mind, and I want to go back to my old e-mail address. When trying to access my address (from I got a message that “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist.”. What happened to my old Hotmail address? Is there any way to have access to it?

    2) A lot of people knows my e-mail address, and also I am subscribed to various of e-mail news list etc. I am using my address for almost 15 years, and it is impossible to update every email list subscription with my new email address. Currently I do not have any problem since all my e-mails that are being send to my Hotmail address are being forwarded to my new outlook address.

    However, since I do not have access to my Hotmail account, I am afraid that if I will not loggin for 270 days in my Hotmail address, my address will be deactivated due to inactivity. Is there any chance for this to happened, and how can I prevent this from happening? Will I still be able to receive my emails after 270 or 360 days just by logging to my new outlook account (and not my Hotmail one) ?

    3) When I am going to options-> rename your e-mail address in my outlook account, it says that “ isn’t available”. Having said in 1) that when I am trying to access my Hotmail account a got the message that “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist.”, how this is possible? My Hotmail account is reserved, but not available at the same time?

    4) If I accidentally remove (in the account) the email forwarding (that I currently have enable and I am able to receive my Hotmail emails), would I be able to enable it again? I am asking this since I do not have access to my Hotmail account in order to respond to the confirmation email, for email forwarding.

    Thank you very much in advance, I would appreciate a response

  101. DustiiWolf

    I cant find the upgrade option under my options in hotmail.

    • To upgrade you will have to go to "rename" my email address. You will then be able to change you account to an @outlokkcom domain.

  102. slowery1972

    what is the difference in and microsoft outlook email client?

    • is now the consumer based Webmail while Outlook the App is meant for enterprise. They both retain function and are great for either use.

  103. slowery1972

    has anyone been able to set up in microsoft outlook and what are the settings

  104. mikeatsparkys

    How about nothing works? I can’t verify my account with the captcha nonsense. Service unavailable for adding an Outlook alias. This is me giving up. I wanted this to work for our business but it’s not looking good.

  105. 1) I get signed out ANYtime I try to do anything…this is when using Chrome. Not FF or IE. 2) color schemes disappear
    3) Trueswitch–can u set this up?
    4) My Hotmail add and Outlook are under same profile- yet if I sign in now with HM address, ‘there is no such account.’

  106. How can I rename my current with an already registered account

    I rushed and registered and now it shows as taken when I try to rename my account to this account I registered yesterday with THere should be an option to sign in if I’m the ownser of that registered email but it shows only taken…

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It i’snt. :(. I know because I did the same thing! So I’ve closed the new and will now have to wait 270 days.

      This is an annoying move by Microsoft IMHO. They should give us early adopters the option to close the new account and automatically replace the old one. We can easily provide any proof they need that we are the owners of this new one.

      Yes we have aliases but I really want my and keep my 25GB SkyDrive as well.

  107. What are the email settings (android) for the new address?

  108. Kelly brown

    I am sorry if this is a duplicate. I have a request from a Director in my Org to organize her Outlook 2010 Inbox by DATE and not Today, Yesterday, Last Week… She wants the heading to be the actual date (only, no time) and then a list of the emails received on that date. I see you can sort by received but that includes the time and causes multiple headings for one date. I have searched and can’t find a way to do this. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

  109. Gmail allows you to disable all ads in the email inbox and everywhere. Outlook does not have an option for that.

    I will never use it unless it does. I do not have ads on or inside my mailbox in my house, i recive plenty ads in the mail already. I expect my email inbox to be the same, ad free.

  110. Either doesn’t like sending to or doesn’t like receiving from CAPTCHA while trying to send an e-mail is a horrible idea

  111. Rita_Rodriguez

    For my usage even in preview it has all of the functionality that I need and use. I have been a Yahoo user since the 90s but the simplicity, windows 8 integration, and optimization of outlook has really pushed me to switching. Really great job!

  112. israellim

    My Outlook 2012 Preview cannot download my email from smoothly. Reinstalled the outlook hotmail connector, it’s still showing the same problem. It downloads some emails and discontinued and then reconnect, and discontinued again. What happen to Outlook 2012 Preview? I never encounter such problem on my Outlook 2010. Can you help? Any suggestion? From a desperate Outlook user.

  113. If we migrate to
    can we keep the suffix? or will there be a unilateral change so we dont have to update our email in regsitration sites?

  114. GreyTrilby

    Doesn’t work with Exchange Active Sync on Android properly. Have an address and that works fine. Just not with new address. If anyone can advise of the required settings, please let me know!

    • You can and its free
      just Create an alias on your account. An alias is a secondary email address associated with an account. Mail sent to that address arrives in the inbox of the primary account. When using the web interface to send a mail, you can choose which address (the primary address of the account or an alias) to send the mail from. The primary disadvantage of this choice is that most mail clients don’t support aliases. This includes mobile phones (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) and desktop mail clients. The Hotmail/Outlook team may build features in the future to help with these scenarios.

      To add an account to your account, go to

  115. This is FAR and away the best email service out there! Can’t believe it’s free. Gmail is now in second place! Great job MS!!

  116. Looks good, I will convert over, especially as I can keep my old email address I’ve been using since 1997.
    But would have been nice to get an email about this to my Hotmail account. I pay for Hotmail (as I don’t want everything to disappear if I was in an accident or something) so what’s happening with that then?
    Don’t they want to cater to the millions of existing customers?

  117. dennisglobal

    Great stuff Microsoft. Clean, clear and cool. Can Office365 email have a similar interface please? Anyway, well done Microsoft.

  118. I just read this post and wanted to try testing this new interface, and fence surprise take me, practically eliminates your hotmail account without even your knowing it, try to reverse but will not let me, several features were lost as the messenger and I change the without saying that the former would lose it, I hope someone can post something to help me resolve this, go to the hotmail help forums and many people with this problem


    " You can also add an email address to your account if you want."

    Could you elaborate on this ? thanks…

  120. vijayagrawal

    How do I import contacts from yahoo mail? from Mac address book? I see option to import from gmail but not from yahoo email/mac address book

  121. bbroussard

    Help. I switched to and started to rename my account but stopped. Now it says my name@outlook is reserved by hotmail or live. I have my name on both of them so why is it not available?

  122. smoledman

    Will get IMAP support and the ability to nest categories?

  123. Can you get Trueswitch set up?

  124. pratheeshps

    I fear if my existing Hotmail account would be renamed as then will the email addressing to my will reach the you answer these doubts?

    • Rick Eveleigh mail will be sent to your address

  125. a few problems that i noticed:
    *Lack of TSL
    *Lack of IMAP
    *When importing accounts you have only preconfigured ports available
    *Outlook is broken in Opera browser

    Otherwise it looks great. Nice job.

  126. pratheeshps

    I find the new hotmail as coolest email on the world.Even then one thing that remained less cooler.That’s its name -OUTLOOK. Why Microsoft is keeping that name of its email client to new Hotmail accounts. Newmail is a great name .Would you agree?

  127. very neat interface. easy to control what i see. the speed is rather unstable now but acceptable. nice upgrade ^^

  128. Kevin Cobley

    Where’s the calendar!

    • Jason0413

      Click the top left where it says "outlook" and then click the metro tile for "calendar".

  129. latempete

    I’d like to make an alias with a address like it says in the comments. I went to http://mail.liv­ but it doesn’t give the option for an alias. Also, if I click on "try" outlook .com it says to put in my existing Microsoft Account. When I do it takes me to I have tried this many different times in different browsers with no luck. I am a longtime Windows Phone 7 user so I can’t change my Microsoft Acoount/Live ID without having to hard reset my phone and starting from scratch. :-/ Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • latempete

      Correction: It takes me to

  130. Virndra Khambhaita

    I have subscribed to MSN Premium for many years and therefore have address which I love. Today I tried to Register with and did something wrong and now I cannot sign in to MSN UK because the sign-in E-mail has changed to How can I undo whatever I did to get back my MSN account and access MSN UK via the desktop butterfly. I would like to keep my account completely seperate. Please help. Thanks
    Mr V. Khambhaita

  131. Kelly Funaro

    So far so good. The proof will be in the potential for use as an Android App.

  132. I was reading about the new and accidentally clicked "get outllok id".. and it redirected to new outllook display… It seems I am getting the basic version of outlook display… I can not even sign-off from it..
    Can some one please help me with the suggestions to get my Hotmail.
    PS..I am using MacBook 10.4.11 (Tiger). Safari 4.1.3

  133. There’s a lot of talk about "phasing out" Hotmail. What exactly does that mean? My name was taken. Will I be able to continue using my email?

  134. zulfiqar.halari

    How do i go to next message automatically after reading, deleting or moving current message in

  135. Upgraded my Live account today and so far so good, except I can’t seem to link my Yahoo account. For some reason it times out saying it can’t connect to the Internet !???

    Anyway, is there any advantage to creating an rather than continuing to use my Live account? The latter is established and has a positive rep.

    While I’m here, is there any way to embed an image inline with the text of the message? Attaching files is crude and loses the flow of the note.

    Thanks and good luck with this MS!

  136. It looks Great… I am curious about the upcoming updates.

    If there will also be IMAP support I’d strongly consider to switch from gmail.

  137. Tim Acheson

    Wow — this is a big upgrade top Hotmail. So, Hotmail is now fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter — including contacts, chat and inbox. COOL!

  138. where is my skydrive from hotmail gone. reply asap

    • Hover over the Outlook logo on the upper left, and you’ll see a drop down arrow. Click on it, and then Skydrive.

  139. For those using Windows Live Custom Domain, if you aren’t able to upgrade to, you need to turn off co-branding by going to your Windows Live Admin Center for your domain.

  140. I just wanted to check out the new I clicked on the link and now my email account will NOT run properly with it and I can NOT go back to the original hotmail. I pay Microsoft for my account and had an extensive file history which I can no longer access! Just clicking on brought all this on, no questions asked, no warning!! I’ve been searching for hours to find a way to get my old hotmail account and all my files back, to no avail!! I since found that my OS X does not comply with the Outlook system requirements, but like I said, there was no warning or advisory! And NO Help from Microsoft – not even for a PAID FOR email account!!!

  141. When I switched to from Hotmail, I apparently lost the ability to access my Calendar from my Windows Phone (7.5). I can still see my email from my Windows Phone.
    Is this a known issue?
    Is there a known solution/workaround, or do I need to switch back to Hotmail until this gets sorted out?

  142. datisdesign

    The new outlook still does not support writing emails in RTL languages, I can not change the direction of my email ! its 2012 !!!

  143. philipstratford

    I like the look of and so on, and I hope it serves to ease people gently into the new look and feel of Windows 8 et al. However, what I want to know is: Having signed in with my existing Windows Live account (which uses a Gmail email address), how do I then get myself an address as well, linked to the same Windows Live account?

    • The best way to do that Philip is to set up an alias address by going to the Settings cog then "More mail settings." On the next page, click "create a Outlook alias" (sic), and then create an alternate address.

  144. How can I configure Outlook 2010 to download messegaes and callendars from

  145. How many times can you rename your email?

  146. Terry McBeer is great. Just two major flaws right off the bat.

    1) LET ME SCHEDULE EMAIL MESSAGES. This is so freaking simple and no one does it effectively. Why? I love sending work emails at 2AM, but I want them to go out at 8AM, not 2AM. Why in the world does no service offer this natively.

    2) Let me drag files directly onto the email window when I attach them. This is just super handy.

    You do both of those things and I’m done with Gmail.

  147. I would like to recommend the following features:

    1. Enable dragging and dropping attachments in and out of a message (when composing and reading mail) as in SkyDrive

    2. Rules/Sweep:
    – Add Mark as read to the Select the action the rule applies list and/or to the Sweep menu
    – Enable applying multiple actions (instead of only one) the rule applies (for example: Move to x, Flag and Mark as read)

    3. Group messages by conversation is great, but show the full contents of emails, now you have to click on them to see complete message

    4. Enable the option to send mail for aggregated email accounts via that account’s smtp server instead of Outlook, because now email sent as if from another account will bear a "From on behalf of" header and makes some spam filters skittish.

    5. Add the option to be able to choose default account which will be used when replying to a message (e.g. reply from the same address the message was sent to)

    6. Ability to insert picture(s) in an email body

    7. Notification (visually and maybe by sound as well) when new mail arrives like Outlook desktop notification (sender and subject), even when no browser is currently running. Now you only see Outlook (#) – or when pinned to taskbar and IE window is opened, the number of new messages

    8. Add ability to save attachments received by email directly to SkyDrive

    9. As Skydrive has now pdf viewing capability, pdf should be viewable from within Hotmail as well (like pictures Active View)

    10. Replying to emails, isn’t as good as Gmail. Inline replies (below the message) are the way to go.

  148. I h ave upgraded but it is still the same hotmail look

    • go to not and then sign in

  149. I have switched my hotmail to
    1) I can no longer login to hotmail using How can I send email using
    2) This is crucial. I can no longer login to MSN messenger using It says the account is invalid. When I login MSN messenger using, all my current contacts appear OFFline to me. How do I work around this?

    • Rick Eveleigh

      When you send mail from you can send as your address if you wish.

      • Thanks, Rick. I sorta figure that out but I still cannnot find any answer to (2). You know of any solution? Or anyone who does?

  150. Victor Lozada

    Saludos desde México! Actualicé mi cuenta de correo de Hotmail a Outlook. El diseño me parece apropiado, ligero, ágil y funcional. Aún me estoy familiarizando con su uso y pude linkear sin problema mi cuenta anterior, mi facebook, LinkedIn.

    Solo tuve un susto al momento de reingresar a Messenger, parecía que no funcionaba adecuadamente, porque veía a mis contacto, pero ninguno estaba disponible y durante la actualización tenía abierto el servicio con mi cuenta anterior. Fueron algunos minutos de desesperación y llegué a pensar que había sido un grave error el actualizar; sin embargo, pocos minutos después todo se normalizó y ahora tengo Messenger disponible sin necesidad de hacer nada más. Espero pronto todas las demás herramientas!


    I have the same question and searched all over the net, and i fount nothing. Do you have news about it? (sorry for my english, i speak spanish).

  152. Dennis Wilson

    Question for the mods: Is anything being done to let us revert to our long-time Hotmail addresses? Please answer.

  153. Rick Eveleigh

    I have upgraded but Hotmail Connector for Outlook 2010 will not connect to my account. Rest of it looks good!

  154. jameslee85

    I have the same issue as others in this thread:

    Switched from Hotmail to Outlook but now all my contacts on Windows Live Messenger appear offline and they can’t see my messages. I can no longer sign in with my Hotmail account.

    Can this please be fixed as soon as possible?

    • greenswalker

      I’ve got the same problem too. Any solutions?

    • Miraculously fixed on its own this morning. Now its working fine. Test it out.

  155. Please add the option to add an alias to an existing account (providing they know the login credentials of course). The way I see it when you convert your account to a new @outlook one it simply converts the new primary account to the new one and adds an alias from your old email address. I went ahead and created a new account and have linked my old one but unfortunately I have to switch between accounts to the view the emails. It would be nice to have the old one as an alias so that I can create a rule to filter my emails to a new folder. The only way i’ve seen to do this so far is to deactivate the old account and wait 270 days until it becomes available again.

  156. Anonymous Coward

    So next time when something doesn’t work properly, instead of rebooting Windows, we’ll be rebooting the cloud 😀

  157. supanut2000

    I’ve upgraded to and had changed my E-mail address.
    Now, there’s a problem. Windows Live Messenger will still sign me in as my old address, rather than my new address. How can I fix this?

  158. On the one hand this looks rather impressive, clean and the features are easy to see but in reality it’s just a rebranding of Hotmail. There are no new features here (except Skype) that Hotmail cannot already do (except they’re now much more obvious).

    The back end is still powered by Windows Live too. I can see working better on tablets but Hotmail is still bettered designed for mouse/keyboard.

    I’ve switched back, there are no compelling reasons to use over with mice/keyboards.

    No doubt the main reason this is happening is to take on Gmail and fix (i.e – replace) Hotmail’s tarnished image, largely based on an opinion of Hotmail from 5-10 years ago but the image has stuck.

    Personally I use Gmail mostly as it integrates so well with my Android phone but overall prefer Hotmail (the interface sucks) and in reality use both for different purposes.

  159. @ Rick Eveleigh: Thanks. That is worth knowing. I rely on with the Hotmail Outlook Connector. If you’re still using a account and have just upgraded to the web interface, it’ll continue to work.

    @ Supanut Leepaisomboon: Surely you just logout and login with your new login details, no?

    @ David Chng: Just logout and login with your account, no?

    @ Lee Timmins: You already can. You can rename your existing account or add multiple aliases. I’ve added two addresses to my account, which I’ll be keeping. It works fine with the new and is full of e-mails, contacts and SkyDrive files/folders.

    If you’ve created a "new" account of course you have to switch between to see your old e-mails. Simply go to’s options and add "another POP" account. There maybe another way but it’s easy enough to pull in any e-mail account into

    @ James-Lee Breen: Whenever I edit a Hotmail contact it does this too. I wish I knew why but it’s easy to put them back online. In MSN Messenger there’s an option to "Appear online to everyone" or go here:!/cid-4caf157cd4c13cf1/friends/limited?

    This is the "Manage Limited Access" screen in Windows Live. If that link doesn’t work, search for that.

    • Thanks but I think you’ve slightly misunderstood my problem. I’ve gone ahead and created my new account already without realizing there was an option to rename your existing account. What I’d like to do is add my old account as an alias in my new but when I try to add it, it says that it is already taken. It would also be great if I kept my extra SkyDrive space aswell.

  160. George.Carmichael

    When will people realize that Captcha-style verification is almost as evil as the evil it’s attempting to stop? Am I the only one who has to click the ‘try another’ about five times to find something that I can even take a proper guess at, only to be screwed by an upper/lowercase error, or a zero vs. the letter ‘oh’? Now, MS wants to occasionally ask for a captcha before sending email?? I signed up, but that made be set auto-forwarding back to my gmail account.

    • mikeatsparkys

      seriously. I can’t verify my account at all. NOTHING works.

  161. Will pop3 access still be available using WLM or Tbird? I have multiple emails and collecting them all with one program is mandatory.

  162. I created an alias in outlook. When I send a message from outlook, it still says that it’s coming from and not How do I create a "real" outlook account with a password? It’s just hotmail with a new interface. I expected to be prompted for a password.

  163. pankaj uppal

    This is really cool. Is this possible that I rename my hotmail account to outlook and then create an alias for my hotmail?
    I want to upgrade to outlook but just don”t want to lose my hotmail id in the process..

  164. Great job guys! Love the new and fresh look for Office 2013 is quite exciting … I’m definitely feeling the re-imagining.

  165. hello, need a help.
    could you please tell me how to migrate my hotmail to a existing account.
    because I created a new account as soon as I heard about the news yesterday, and not from the old hotmail account.

    And now when I want to update my hotamil email address to the newley created address, NO WAY: email address existed already.

    thx in advance


    • Same problem here! Can we merge a new outlook account with a hotmail account?

  166. Fantastic job! Clean, simple and powerful all in one. I really like how you’ve taken the social connector feature from Outlook Professional and made it available in the personal world as well. Keep up the good work!

  167. I know us Opera users are unloved by Microsoft, but adding support for Opera would be great — is currently unusable in Opera 12 (all links are broken)!

    • is all HTML5 based. If anything is wrong it will be Opera (Or any other browser for that reason.)

      • Nice obvious troll 😀

        • Don’t see how I’m trolling. Hotmail already has full functionality in Opera. Don’t see why Outlook shouldn’t have the same, especially if Microsoft is planning a worldwide release of Outlook.

      • Nope.
        "The front-end is JS, HTML, and CSS using jQuery and jsViews. We use both ajax and server-rendered pages"


    This is a great experience but its missing some features that were so easy to put in there. I am surprised that the product folks did not integrate the Bing experience into the experience. Combining what bing offers with outlook and then providing yahoo like windows experience to drag and drop results from the bing experience into the outlook experience would be fantastic. All in all, a great product and i am sure will be very well received by the market but there is scope for a lot more.

  169. alan jones

    How can I browse using Google Chrome? When I signed up for it diverts me to a facebook/YouTube access screen

  170. I have a Windows Live email account with Hotmail that uses my domain name. I’ve been unable to get it to work with the new mail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

  171. Has anyone had any luck using POP to connect a gmail account to the new Because I’m having a hell of a time trying to get it to connect.

    • Yes, it just takes a really long time. Let it sit overnight and it should be done

  172. I’m impressed with this new generation communication platform. With Skype’s inclusion in the near future the tools to connect the way you want to will be in place.

  173. So where the heck is the rest of I can still find it if I open Windows Live Messenger expand it, go to social and highlights. That was my IE browser home page. Now I just get freaking mail and can’t get anything else. I already get my (Hotmail) mail in Outlook. Guess MS doesn’t want to sell Outlook, or have a social presence as an alternative to Facebook.

    BTW, why doesn’t my Live ID get me into blog comments??? Why do I need another MS login for every MS blog. And worse you use twitter or facebook logins to get into a MS blog comment as the preferred options. I rember the days MS was pushing single sign on credentials. They can’t even do it on their own properties.

  174. So, I didn’t request to be moved over from Hotmail to Outlook. I logged into my regular Hotmail, went to visit out of curiosity, and suddenly I was switched over. Whaaaat?! Whatever happened to individual CHOICE? There are some improvements to the email program, but it’s SO elementary, it practically looks like the Road Runner webmail – i.e. NOT good. It’s nice that folders can be emptied with a right click on the folder itself, but the look and customization of the page? Rudimentary. I realize you guys just started to go live with this, but given that very fact, shouldn’t one have the OPTION to switch over by choice, not by trickery? These are the things that make me distrust Microsoft and buy Apple products instead. Come on….this is not a way to start a new relationship with long-time consumers. I’ve had my Hotmail email for 15 years! I deserve better than that (we all do)!

  175. For all of you who have freaked out over the unintended switch over to from Hotmail (including myself)…there is a way out. Go to your page, click on Settings (top Right) and the VERY bottom of the drop down menu, there is an option that says, "Switch back to Hotmail". There you go!

    • I tried this – but it doesn’t delete the address, it just makes the hotmail address available.

      I still can’t log into my hotmail with my old hotmail address, or re-connect the hotmail address to my iPhone, or Hotmail Connector for Outlook 2010.

      If you can tell me how those tricks can be done, I’d be very impressed!

  176. I have an existing account which I use with a Windows Phone 7.5.

    I would like to rename the account to an account but I get a warning from Microsoft when I try this saying it will cause problems with my Windows Phone, so it seems sensible to hold off from doing that at this time; I will wait until I buy a Windows Phone 8 and comes out of Preview.

    However, I want to make sure I can get my preferred email address now at before someone else does.

    What’s the best way to claim an address today with a view to renaming my account at a later date (in order to keep my 25GB SkyDrive allowance, Contact info etc)? Is it better to 1) set up an alias? Or 2) create a new account? Both seem to come with issues.

    As I understand it if I create a new account now, that address will be "taken" so I wouldn’t be able to convert my existing address to it later.

    Similarly, if I set up an alias now, wouldn’t I have the same problem of the name being “taken” if I want to completely convert my account later?

    Please advise on the best course for me.

    • "As you understand it… " and "Similarly … " is correct.

      There isn’t any guarantee that your preferred email will be available if you do not take it now.

      If you change your email now, you would have to do a reset on your phone. This isn’t really a "biggy" just remember to backup the files saved on your phone and not SkyDrive first – anyway most are saved on your account online anyway. Then sign back in with your new email address.

      Now I am not saying do this but… You could create a new @outlook, wait a few days then close this account completely, wait 270 days plus "a few days" (time for reset) and "a few more days" (just in case), then – fingers crossed that Microsoft don’t change any of their policies or features – upgrade to this choice account then. Note that if you login to this new @outlook the 270 resets. This would automatically save your choice @outlook as no one else will be able to log into this @outlook cause they would not know the security info you set. You will pick a strong password right?

  177. Alias is not working. Did anyone report this issue?

    • Ignore. Its my bad.

  178. Having just upgraded to my old becomes an alias. Fine.

    Now the thing with switching over is that you can no longer login with your old Also Fine.

    However, I had a number of filters that sorted incoming mail into that inbox into a number of created folders. Am I correct in saying that although the folders get created on switching over the filtering made in that @hotmail no longer works and that you can’t edit them?

  179. I would use my Hotmail/Outlook more if Microsoft step up its security by providing Two-Factor Authentication like Gmail and others. Account hijack happens too often with Hotmail accounts (happened to me once last month).

  180. Anonymous Coward

    Judging from the many comments below, I’d say it’s a half-baked product with a pretty skin.

  181. jgingerich


    A few things about that would have to change before I would switch from Gmail.

    1) I need IMAP support. For one thing, I use a Mac and run the Mac Mail app. For another, even if I switch to a PC running Windows 8, which I might do in the future, I want to make sure that it’s easy to access my email across multiple platforms using non-proprietary, widely implemented protocols. Similarly, I need CardDav and CalDav support.

    2) I would like better security. The only email account that I’ve ever had hacked was a Hotmail account, so I’m a bit wary about the security of products connected with Hotmail. I’d like to be able to use a longer password and, particularly, I would like to see two factor authentication.

    3) In the 8 years that I’ve used Gmail, I have accumulated around 40,000 messages taking up a little over 7 GB. I not infrequently want to find a message I sent 5 years ago, which is usually pretty easy in Gmail. If there were a moderately easy way to port all of those old messages from Gmail to Outlook, I’d give very serious consideration to switching. TrueSwitch seems like a possibility, but it still lists Hotmail, rather than Outlook, as a partner.

    4) On a related note, the help page says, "If your inbox grows too fast, you might not be able to send or receive any more messages." The help page suggests that if this happens, the solution is to create an archive and store some attachments on a hard drive and delete them from Outlook. The help page doesn’t give any clue as to how fast is too fast. I’m unlikely to switch to Outlook if I’m not highly confident that I will be able to keep all of my email in one place. It would be a big pain in the butt if I had to store some of my email on my computer’s hard disk. In a thread earlier this year on a Windows blog about switching from Gmail to Hotmail, at least one longtime Gmail user reported some problems migrating a large number of messages from Gmail to Hotmail. (see post of lcasarin on 4 Feb)

    5) 3) On at least two occasions this evening, has frozen up. (E.g., clicking on "reply" or "new message" doesn’t do anything, and I’ve had to reload the page.) Maybe it’s my browser? (Latest build of Chrome) Still, its frustrating enough that if it happened regularly, I would be unable to happily use Outlook. On one occasion, when I opened a new message, the "Type your message here text" didn’t disappear once I started typing. I was typing up these comments as an Outlook email message, and the Autosave function seems to have malfunctioned: the "Saving…" status stayed stuck for minutes without ever switching to "Draft saved at…" status. After I clicked on "Save draft" it seemed to start working again. I’m willing to think that these are bugs that go along with trying Outlook when it’s just been rolled out, but they would need to get cleaned up before I seriously considered switching.

    Bottom line: Relative to Gmail, Outlook doesn’t seem to offer much new functionality; for the most part, it matches the functionality of Gmail, pushing the envelope a little bit with its integration of social media. The main innovation is aesthetic. I think that this is a very important innovation. It is no small feat to design an email system that looks and feels pleasant to use. It’s important that my email interface works well and does what it is supposed to, but given the amount of time that I spend looking at my email, it’s also important that it be beautiful. Hands down, the new Outlook is more beautiful than Gmail (or Yahoo mail or AOL mail). That’s a very good reason to switch from Gmail to Outlook, but there are a few important aspects of Outlook’s functionality related to security and data portability where it still trails far enough behind Gmail that I can’t yet make a whole-hearted switch. I’ll be watching Outlook closely for the coming months, and I’m excited to see how it develops.

  182. Awakeinwa

    when will hotmail connector support i upgraded my hotmail and now connector doesn’t work

  183. I registered a new outlook account, only to find out afterwards that you can rename the email which i would rather do so is my primary email without losing my account id. How would i do that?

  184. i’ve an existing and account. i’ve created another account too (on today-3rd Aug 2012). i’ve upgraded my live and msn account to outlook from the mail options menu.

    i want to know that do these mail accounts merge together in future? i don’t want to, because i use each for different purposes.

    kindly reply, and i like the whole new Outlook.

  185. gauravtyagi

    i made a blunder by switchuing to and lost my 12 yr email id at guys at missed basics . i am not aware of any ways to revert your account back to from , i would expect to give an option to revert to their original email id, as if now one can only revert back iether too hotmail or id’s …. rellay i am very disappointed and bit frustrated to loose my old id…. can someone from team help me on this

    • There is a button under settings that allows you to switch back to hotmail. Plus I don’t think your id has changed because you signed in to outlook.
      If i’m correct, you will still sign in to with your old ID.
      Just look at as a brand new hotmail interface that has not yet replaced the old one.

  186. SilhouetteBS

    It would be great if you could support custom domains in like gmail does. I know there is Office 365, but for small shops not using Active Directory, a free service would be great!

  187. I like the inclusion of Word and Excel, even though they are the basic programs – wish you allow Excel data verification and password protect in the future.
    Will I migrate from Google Docs and thereby also leave Gmail in the dust? Probably – I am doing a comparison of the wordprocessing and spreadsheet features I use to see which is better. All in all, a very promising start in a very competitive area.

  188. One thing is missing – NEWSLETTERS. The newsletters should not be in INBOX. Outlook correctly recognizes the newsletters but that is not enough. There should be a place for it, directly below Inbox.

    • never mind, I’ve found a way to do what I asked about the newsletter thing.
      I just went to "manage categories". Then checked "Newsletter" for quick view.
      It would still be nice to push Newsletters very close to INBOX.

  189. icantdance

    I like the interface. I think I may have found a problem though.
    I have my Hotmail password set to expire every 72 days. It expired today. Unfortunately every time I then tried to log in, it seemed to get stuck in a loop. It would eventually say there was a problem, and ask me to try again later.
    I tried a few metro apps as well, and they wouldn’t work either. They usually said there was a problem with my account. The Messaging app however did say that my password had expired.
    I eventually found a link on the Hotmail support page that would allow me to reset my password.

  190. C Bassett

    I’m on an iPad and have signed up for a new account, but when I sign-in at on the iPad it redirects to a site and the site is still headed up ‘Hotmail’ with the old design. Is this because I live in New Zealand?

  191. dockside58

    All I can say is BLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuck! Need themes & color!

  192. alexverck

    Excelente interfaz!…
    1. El área de texto para las conversaciones dentro de outlook es de dimensión fija, al momento de revisar el texto escrito se vuelve complicar revisar línea por línea.

    2. No existe boton de refresh para la bandeja de entrada.

    3. No entendi porque si nunca vincule mi cuenta con facebook, mis correos aparecian con la imagen que tengo de perfil ..??

  193. George Kapitsopoulos

    I gave a try, using my hotmail account, and i ran into the following problem. While sometimes it seems to be working fine, occasionally it will stop responding to commands/ mouse clicks, and instead of displays this message on the upper border "We’ve updated Outlook, so please refresh your browser or close it and sign in again. If you are composing a message, make sure you save it as a draft."
    Anybody else has a similar problem?

  194. Alright – I foolishly accepted the offer to get an address not knowing that it would render my hotmail address useless.

    I have followed the advice below and "switched back to hotmail" – which does indeed seem to give me access to my previous account – I can send email from my original address.

    However, I can’t seem to log in to any other windows live service with that email address as am told it doesn’t exist!

    And I can’t therefore use my hotmail address for my iPhone, or my Hotmail connector for Outlook 2010.

    Any thoughts on what the problem might be (aside from Microsoft’s utter unpreparedness for this launch)?

  195. What would happen to old accounts? Social Networks would automatically replace hotmail for outlook?

  196. FirstoneVornlon

    I did change to from my Hotmail account and now I’m having all kinds of problems with my Windows Phone and Live Messenger. I need to revert back to my Hotmail account, is there a way to do so ?????

  197. FirstoneVornlon

    Found the way to go back to Outlook and it was quite painless. In my case, I had to remove my old address from the associated IDs page:

    This should not be a problem (unless someone snatches your address while you’re removing the old Hotmail address and creating it again, but you have to be extremely unlucky for that to happen).

    Right after that, you rename your account to account:

    It worked perfectly for me (LIve Messenger and Windows Phone are back to normal).

    Good luck!!!!!!!!

  198. duke41720

    I do not like the new outlook! It takes me alot longer to check my email now because instead of automatically jumping to the next email like Hotmail when you delete an email it takes you back to the list of all emails! Plus I hate seeing the advertisements on the side!

  199. duke41720

    Can we set it so that we automatically jump to the next email?

    • This is a change we’re looking to make.

  200. ledemonhacker

    Nice 🙂 Very good interface and very relaxing design simple & easy & handy , it’s beatiful

  201. will there be a view for tasks and a feature for syncing tasks via outlook connector?
    for me it’s a requirement for my decision to change to

    • This is something we’re working on.

  202. nhoskin1965

    How do I add pictures to my contacts and please don’t tell me there isn’t a way to do that.

    • Gavin Ding

      No way.

  203. Muy bueno,

  204. Diana Clovis

    How to change from to if I have outlook account?
    my user is the same in both accounts.

  205. Alvaro Beckerig

    Nice work!

    We need some improvement on sending e-mails, the need to change the name to each account we use to send is crucial.

    See this:


  206. Brandonken94

    I’m kind of upset by this. I love Hotmail as a brand, and I use Hotmail pretty much daily (aside from on Sundays and Mondays when I don’t have internet access), I’ve been using Hotmail for the past two years (I switched to my current one a year ago), I’ve just made a Gmail account because of this. Not the best move MS.

    • Drop a company because they improved the service and in the process switched the TLD & SLD (from to You must really want a cool address (oh, wait…that’s another TLD & SLD)

    • Brandon, you can use your Hotmail account in without changing anything. Just login to with your Hotmail address.

  207. purelykatie

    Will there be a way to use Exchange ActiveSync on Mac computers in the future? It’s useful for viewing/composing messages when I don’t have an internet connection (e.g Travelling on the train)

    Currently I use Gmail to sync messages for offline viewing.

  208. I like the look and the fact that there are no more ads, but when I changed to outlook, it messed with my Windows Live Messenger (when I logged in through Messenger), the letters looked all fuzzy and semi-transparent and stuff like that, as soon as I changed back to hotmail, Messenger was fixed… so now I wonder if they’ll fix this problem or how it’ll affect other prograsm such as Windows Messenger or Windows Live Mail or others like it….

  209. AM Siddiquie is not working with Opera Browser Version 12.00
    Build 1467
    Platform Win32
    System Windows 7

  210. SurfaceVs

    Hi Outlook Team
    I mistakenly changed my login name, but don’t seam to be able to change it back because my original one was

    Is there anyway to revert?

  211. I like the Facebook messaging integration, but I wish there was a way to keep my buddy list open in mail. Right now we have to scroll through this drop-down menu

  212. Andreas Johansson

    Dont do this unless you can live without any information that your old Live ID holds.
    I did the migration and it said it was done succefulle. followed all step and when it was done i was forwarded to . I used my new ID but i said wrong psw… So i tried a psw recovery but it said no account existed, both on my new and my old ID. So now i dont have mail, skydrive documents etc and i cannot use my xbox live since there is no psw working and no ID. Xbox support wont help since its an Live ID issue and there is no chance to get in contact with that team. i have posted in many ms forum but no one has ansvered except other people thata have the same issue.

    • Have you noticed that other people are also having success as well? This would suggest either a vindictive server, a malevolent sys-op, or…and I’m going out on a limb here, a user problem. To confirm though, be sure you are not attempting a login at any URL address that has in it–you have an address now, that is your Live ID. One would think that having an address would make this clear, but here we are. You MUST use the new domain as your starting point.

  213. barbs.attic

    Thank you for this great and wonderful service. I always loved outlook and was so disappointed that it wasn’t around anymore. I am so glad you are back, alive and well. Thank you once again.

  214. Gavin Ding

    I found a small detail about the avatar in the upper right corner of the window and my Messenger contact list. It have a pale green vertical stripe in the left side of the picture. We know the pale green vertical stripe tells user the friend is online and available to chat.
    However, I think this design is not friendly enough, it is clearly covered part of the user’s picture, although only a small part. And I think it isn’t a token of respect for the user. My suggestion is that specify a designated color (e.g. green) to the name when the user is online.

  215. hgfhfth

  216. I would like to use while on the road and OUTLOOK2010 while at home. They dont seem to sync well with POP, so I am wondering if there is an IMAP setting.

    • stubbie45

      Hopefully we all get this information soon! Good luck!

    • POP / IMAP / SMTP protocols can be used to access another email account from your based account, but OUTLOOK, being a Microsoft Exchange Server client no longer supports obsolete protocols as they do not allow the calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, journal, etc. to synchronize.

  217. this is great!

  218. Well, i can’t setup an all new Account in Outlook 2010! it ALWAYS says, that there coult no Secure Connection established. EPIC Fail Microsoft, Huh?

    • stubbie45

      Same with me Kevin: Also will not work with Windows Live Mail Client either. There has to be a way to obtain the required data to fill in to make it work with these two client programs.

  219. Brandonken94

    It’s great. I upgraded however I will always miss Hotmail. But is amazing from what I’ve used of it.

  220. stubbie45

    Have created an email account and would kindly like to know what settings are required to add this new email account to my existing Microsoft Office 2010 Outlook Program. Been trying to obtain an answer to what information must be added to the Outlook Email Configuration Popup Questions to actually add my file. Consider this an academic question that should be rather easy to find the answer for.
    Please post me the requested information and steps required to add my to Outlook Email Program: Email address: and/or all of them to assure the information is received. Thank you!

    • Select manually configure server settings or additional server types -> Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service -> Enter credentials, configuration is done automatically once you have authenticated.

  221. denissolovov

    Is it possible to write extension for this platform, like Outlook Addins in Offline Outlook?

    • That’s not something we’re support in at present.

  222. amswitzer doesn’t give users the option to set-up their email client using IMAP. This is one are where Microsoft/ is clearly NOT the better option. Why is Microsoft so dead-set against giving users the option to use IMAP? Until this is resolved, Gmail will still be my email of choice, and by the way, many different forums around the internet seem to echo this desire for IMAP. Come on Microsoft. Give us IMAP.

    • Options -> See all Options -> Click "Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access…"

  223. Problem: Outlook email is frozen. I created a user name and password w no problem, got the welcome email (plus others I’ve sent to it) but now I can’t make anything happen on the home page. Have restarted computer, program, etc numerous times. This computer is running Windows XP Pro using IE 8. Is that the problem? Thanks for any help.

    • I can’t see how using an 11-year-old OS and outdated browser would have anything to do with current technology problems…

  224. is a great improvement over Hotmail. Unfortunately, after the upgrade Windows Live Home which showed Facebook feeds and other social content seems to be no longer accessible. Hopefully, it will be replaced by some kind of Social Hub that aggregated Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking services, kind of like on the Windows Phone. But all in all, you’ve done a great job. Keep it up!

  225. Do not go with Hotmail at! They don’t have technical support! And as a result you will be without your e-mail as I am.

    • Were you able to get this issue resolved? Very sorry that you haven’t been able to get the support you need.

  226. Once hotmail users upgrade can they degrade back to the old interface?

    • They can’t "degrade;" downgrade is another matter. UPgrade / DOWNgrade…

  227. fcromwell

    I got my @outlook email that I wanted right after they became available. Then today I got two more on different variations of my name and now only the last one I created works. What gives? Why can I not access all three email addresses?

  228. I did not upgrade to outlook,opened hotmail account as per usual,and sent one email,and all of a sudden hotmail changed into outlook(without upgrading) and this account is useless,as I cannot open any emails,nor access anything in it,very frustrating,and unfortunate..frozen screen,all morning


    Microsft’s New Outlook New features You Thought You’d know Microsfot Outlook New Features

  230. I have found a bug in the current version of he connector 14.0.6123.5001. after contacts created in the outlook application are synchronized with an account a sort of space is pre-pended to the contact. this breaks the address book as you cannot find any addresses unless you start typing them with a leading space. Contacts created from the web interface work fine until they are modified in the outlook application. tested on outlook 2010 SP1 and 2007SP3 32 bit on 6 systems against 3 accounts. can the last version still be downloaded somewhere so I can test for this issue?

  231. Can you set up to save attachments to Skydrive when you are in an email? So add a function to the move action list to add attachment to skydrive.


    What backup-options do I have with
    Is possible to restore a single deleted some days ago (both inbox and sent items)?
    Is possible to do a complete restore if everything is gone?

    • Your best bet is to try to use the recover deleted mails feature. Go to the Deleted folder and look at the bottom for this: Lost a message? When you recover deleted messages, we bring back as many as we can. Learn more

  233. superkaka

    It claims to be working on a tablet or a mobile phone… well, I couldn’t find an "" app that would work on my Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab… Just as I couldn’t find anything that would work with Hotmail.

    • The Hotmail app works with email on Android

  234. JR Flores

    y porque no esta en español????? why is it not in spanish?

    • jesstears

      Why should it be?

    • Puede cambiar el idioma. Esta bajo el buzon.

  235. Why is it not possible to access e-mails via Windows Live Mail and/or Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail client? IT will be a step backwards if this is not rectified soon.

  236. jesstears

    Is there a way to add more services to the Outlook bar? I guess that’s what it’s called – Where you select the down arror next ot Outlook and there you see Calendar, Contacts and Skydive.

    • Thanks for the idea. This isn’t something that’s possible.

  237. Is POP-enabled? I want to connect via my Outlook 2010 client but have been unable to locate POP server settings.

    • Found the answer in Woody’s Office Watch newsletter #17.11. from Microsoft:
      “The existing Outlook Hotmail Connector works with, but not automatically. Other Windows Live domains such as and are automatically configured when you use the Outlook Hotmail Connector. However, you must manually configure an account. To do this, follow these steps:
      1. Info on the File menu, and then click Add Account.
      2. In the Add New Account dialog box, click Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click Next.
      3. Click Other, click to select Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, and then click Next.
      4. In the Windows Live Hotmail Settings dialog box, enter your name, email address, and password, and then click OK.
      When the confirmation dialog appears, click Finish “


    dear … EID mubarak

  239. as much id love to say i love you guys i have to say i hate you too!
    And this is coming from a fan!!!

    here is my MAIN peev!
    i have a,,, , ….. i could go on and on including the msdn side of life!!!!
    How about something/anything to try and consolidate it all??!!!!

  240. oh yeah! i love the look and im getting used to it ……wait a min did i say getting used to it. Thats not happening IF i click on Calendar – it gives me back my old hotmail look. Cmon microsoft please dont try to emulate gmail’s half ***ed attempts and then slap on the ‘Beta’ tag!!!!! Cmon we’re not used to this from you guys!

    • GD, we’re working on the calendar UI update. Stay tuned.

  241. Eric Lopez

    Is there a way to get the home page back? The one where it would show updates from the social feeds and contacts? I really liked that screen since it also showed the updates from the Facebook pages that are not contacts (ie Home Depot, Bucca di Beppo etc…)

    • Sorry, Eric. While we recognize that some users may not like this change, we felt that letting users get to their inbox quickly was the right decision so we decided to stop supporting the home page.

  242. I have had Yahoo.mail for the past decade. It has been my primary email provider. However, many recent bugs and crashes point to the need to migrate my archive to Outlook soon, so I am researching Outlook for this purpose. In the meantime, I want to be able to use Outlook, which is often the ‘default’ service for many websites, and the way I have sent online pics in the past. My internet provider is Verizon, and they have refused to provide instructions as to how to CONFIGURE Outlook to be able to SEND messages via Outlook, while RECEIVING a copy in Yahoo.mail (until full migration).
    Can anyone please provide either instructions (or a link) for the walk-through for all the pop.mail settings needed to do this? Thanks very much.

    • Yahoo accounts don’t support POP unless you pay for them. You may have better luck doing a full switch using . The service supports domains as well.

      • David, I am having some SERIOUS usability issues with need your help. How can I contact you with details?

  243. When I delete a message in, I want to go straight to my next (or previous) email instead of back to the message list. Where is that setting?

  244. Best e-mail ever! The only thing now is to update the Calendar with the modern look! When, are they going to update the calendar?

    • We’re working on it now! Stay tuned.

  245. (Okay, third time trying to get this to post & rewriting it.)

    Anyone know a way around either of these issues?

    1) I can’t find a way to "arrow back" to a previous view on the new I.e., if I do a keyword search for email,, and open one of the results (but it isn’t the email I was looking for), I can’t arrow back to the results list, but seem to have to start the entire search over from the beginning. Anyone know of a work-around?
    2) I am going crazy having to forward every email from with a PDF attachment to a different email account in order to open the file. wants me to open with some Doxillion thing I would have to buy, and won’t seem to let me choose another option such as adobe. Anyone know of a way around this?



    • LAJ,

      For issue #1, are you able to click the back button on your browser? If that doesn’t work, let me know.
      For the PDF issue, sounds like an issue with the software on your computer. Have you tried uninstall Acrobat and re-installing?

  246. Jack Rivers

    How do I replace Windows Live mail with

  247. As I am concerned about the security of your blog since I have posted a message below with the name and avatar of someone else that was displayed in the ‘comments’ section. I would like to know how to delete my userid now and why I was able to use these informations. Now I have serious concerns ! Thanks in advance !

  248. RangerXus

    Sorry – My profile did not have my name… This was my question:
    Windows Answers sent me here. When I use and open an email queries Facebook/Twitte­r to see if the sender’s email is publicly attached to a Facebook profile and if so, returns the sender’s Facebook profile picture and name and displays it with the email. Can Microsoft tell me if MY email address is also sent with that query. I am trying to find out if Facebook will be to learn everyone who sends an email to me because of these queries. If my email and other profile information is not sent then I assume facebook will not know that these queries were done by on my behalf. If it is sent than Facebook will likely build a history of my email address and every email address then queries for me. Thanks!

  249. Hum… Sorry wrong avatar used below… is there a problem ?
    I Repeated my question :
    With a limit of 5 alias per year and a maximum of 15 per account, Outlook should provide opportunity to recreate an alias within the limits (5/year) !
    Why we have to wait a year to recreate an alias ?
    Some typo errors are common ….Thanks !

  250. ryanashley

    I want to be able to setup my outlook email address in MS Office Outlook. I can’t seem to do this yet…

  251. I have tried logging into my Hotmail account and I cannot see the upgrade button. Is this something that isn’t available in UK yet?

    • Ian, it’s possible that you’re using a version that doesn’t allow for upgrade yet. Are you able to see it in the options pull-down. If you don’t see it now, you’ll see it in the near future.

  252. I can only migrate 3 duplicate contacts at the time and I have 800+…. (Thanks to MyPhone migration…)

  253. I loved windows mail until I was forced into an update that took away features I need! I notice that there is no mention on this mail program about those features so I am guessing they aren’t in this one either. MS what is wrong with you that you keep removing tools that experienced users know how to use and dumbing down everything? Couldn’t you just leave those features in and hide them if you are worried that the masses wouldn’t understand?
    I need to view and edit the source to get rid of the bad coding from IM before I forward an email!!!!


    Does support an Exchange connection from the Outlook desktop app? (I’m not interested in POP or IMAP).

    • Hi Jeff, In the Outlook 2013 consumer preview, Exchange Active Sync is used to connect with from within Outlook.

  255. Adeel Hayat

    how to connect facebook to my outlook account?

      • Adeel Hayat

        actually when i open this link there is no facebook option available

  256. collin moran

    my home page keeps defaulting to file page.Any thoughts?

  257. kamran.zahid

    How to use email with MS Outlook (on my desktop), please ??

  258. jbullard77

    2 Questions:

    1. Should I change my address to
    2. When will Hotmail Calendar be re-branded as Outlook?

  259. I renamed my eMail to Now I can not sign in using my eMail that I like to use. How can I swich back to my eMail. Please help
    Please reply to

    • Nevin, you’ll need to sign in with your account now.


    ¡Que gusto me da cuando puedo en estos tiempos tecnológicos de velocidad insospechada integrarme con sorpresas y dinamismo que nos brinda la vida moderna! UN AFECTUOSO SALUDO A TODOS LOS NUEVOS AMIGOS QUE YA EXISTEN EN LAS REDES SOCIALES.


    ¡Que gusto me da cuando puedo en estos tiempos tecnológicos de velocidad insospechada integrarme con sorpresas y dinamismo que nos brinda la vida moderna! UN AFECTUOSO SALUDO A TODOS LOS NUEVOS AMIGOS QUE YA EXISTEN EN LAS REDES SOCIALES.

  262. Need explanation about alias rules with !

    I just want to know what motivates Microsoft to establish the rule about creating a maximum of 5 aliases per year with a maximum of 15 per account.

    Especially the rule that if I delete 1 of my 5 aliases, why I have to wait a year to create a new one because Outlook still consider that I have 5 !
    Also I believe this rule (5 alias / year) is completely unnecessary and mostly annoying for users considering that I can lock a total of 15 alias with 3 accounts at the same time.

    However a maximum of 15 alias per account seems to be OK !

    Thanks !

  263. does this work with my MS office? outlook?


    I use several platforms — Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone/iPad) — and would like to use seamlessly across all these devices. Alas, it appears that there is only POP & browser support for the Mac — and that even includes Microsoft’s own Outlook 2011 for Mac product. There have been Hotmail connectors for various versions of Outlook for Windows to assist with synchronization, but nothing for the Mac versions. Are there any plans to enhance mail synchronization between and Outlook 2011 (IMAP, Exchange?). Seems like the Mac Office product has been orphaned by it’s parent.

  265. Jeffdkatz

    My Hotmail Account does not provide any of the upgrade paths to Outlook .com ..under options, I do not have " Upgrade to"….. under manage accounts I can only choose .live or hotmail and do not have the screen to create alias account . I have Windows 7 with current updates I have my Microsoft account with Skydrive…….Who can I call at Microsoft for help?

    • Don’t upgrade! I was forced to upgrade, and it’s the most illogical thing I’ve ever seen them do!!! I hate Outlook’s layout, colors, settings…everything.

  266. alguém pode me ajudar? vocês bloquearam minha conta hotmail e por esse motivo não consigo mais acessar!

  267. jackdashack

    I have the most annoying issue with Hotmail and now this new Apparently because they are linked or one in the same. Of course there is no way to get to Hotmail or anyone to get a real answer, they just do not allow you to get to them. I have tried for over the last 4 or 5 years. Therefore, I rarely use the HM account and now I guess I’ll not use this And the issue is every time I log on it says from the very first YOU HAVE TRIED LOG ON TOO MANY TIMES or some wording similar. It’s so frustrating as I have to jump through hoops just to get there with resets and verifications that I just do not use it … now either will I use. And when I get there finally I find Spanish emails in my INBOX. They don’t seem to be of a personal nature, they seem to be Spam. Does anyone know how or who I can address this. If you say call support please tell me what planet they live on? ":- Thanks, Jack

  268. jackdashack

    Looking down the blog here this does not seem to be one that gets too much attention nor is there someone with some knowledge following the posts. Apparently no help here? ":-

  269. Peterkycheung

    For security, can I check my sign-in history for , just like what google and yahoo providing?

  270. dick berresford

    Hi – please help. My Hotmail account has been automatically updated to Outlook – all my Inbox has been carried across, but half of my ‘sent box’ has been dumped! I refer to old emails in my sent box quite often……how do I get them back???

  271. dick berresford

    My groups of contacts have gone too – any idea how I retrieve them?

  272. clive harding

    Unable to send email with this preview…any help out there?

  273. Hey, Chris Jones! What if we don’t "like" what we see? Hmm? I was forced FORCED!!!! to update to Outlook from Hotmail, and I loathe it. This is not due to my extreme dislike of change (which is true – I hate change!); I thought I’d give it a try – I really did. It didn’t work. I honestly can’t stand the layouts during emails (WTF with the email on the right side of the screen…my language is read left to right!), the lack of themes, the overly large text (can see just fine, thanks!) the super bright colors on the top AND the text blinding you when you’re looking at the screen, the social media demands everywhere (if I’ve said "no" to social media in my inbox once, I don’t want it the hundredth time you’ve asked, thanks so much. I just want email. EMAIL. I don’t "need" Cloud (WTF that is), social media in my email, vague symbols (what is the gear, and what does it mean???) email on my phone (I DON’T EVEN TEXT!!!), etc. etc. etc. I don’t want it, and I don’t need it. I don’t feel "In control" of my email. Email should not be an existential crisis.

  274. I really like the new but do not understand why it does not support the features and fields of Office 2010. For instance, I have come to rely on the photos I have attached to my contacts (NOT the photos of people from their Facebook or other social media account) but does not support these photos so I cannot sync them to my phone. I also use folders for my contacts but does not support this feature either. This is a big problem.

    PLEASE support the features of the application. Specifically, contact photos and folders.


  275. mthandazi caizer ndebele

    need help i dont get this

  276. Spiegelschrank

    I am of the same opinion as you do, if you consider that the man can say the same respect as you

  277. Baburam Sharma

    how to join the group?

  278. waverunnr

    Why hasn’t the calendar been updated? Windows 8 launches in 48 hours and the old calendar sticks out badly.

  279. KevinEarley

    I see that is a "preview". Does that mean at sometime in the future it will cost? If so, do the "preview" members get a discount? I am mainly concerned that if I go using my email address as my primary email, will I, one day, have to tell all my contacts that I need to go back to my gmail account because I don’t want to purchase an outlook account. Any comments or facts are appreciated.


    • Hi Kevin,
      make no mistake about ‘’ email service and ‘Outlook’ from MS-Office (pc base application) or from Office365 (web base) with which you can have access, as a frontend, to all your emails from different service providers (Gmail,, hotmail and yahoo).
      ‘’ is a new email service like Hotmail and Live and… Gmail.
      And when you say ‘preview’ I think it is related to Office365 where you can have access to Office suite apps like Outlook (web base) for free as trial…

      Hope this will help !

      • Oups I forgot to tell you that Office365 (web base apps) will include same apps of Office 2013 (pc base apps) which will be release in 2013 !!!
        The difference is with Office365 you will be able to access all your apps no matter where you are.

      • KevinEarley

        Thanks for the clarification. It answered some questions I have, but had not yet asked. However, for the question at hand–no, not really.

        When I signed up for web mail, the invitation stated "preview". I suspect that "preview" means at some point they will make it a pay service. I would like to find out if this is the case before I start braodcasting it as my primary and preferred email address.

        • Do you mean on the left part of login page when you login to Outlook ?
          If yes, I think it’s just for advertise because sometime you can have an other advertise like Windows 8, etc…

          • If you refresh your page, you’ll see an other advertisement !

  280. catwalker

    Will we be able to import/access/convert Outlook .pst files and/or contacts with I’ve looked through the blog and the comments/replies, but I don’t see anywhere that you’ve addressed that.


    • To import Contacts from Outlook (Office):

      (High level steps)

      1) In Outlook, export your contacts in a CSV file (File / Import and Export) and select contacts folder.
      2) In go to your contacts and select ‘import from file’ at the bottom (you can also import from gmail, linkedin, etc).
      3) Select Microsoft Outlook (with CSV)

      To be sure you can also check at ‘’ for more technical issues.

  281. How do you delete statuses on Outlook?

  282. Why hasn’t the calendar been updated? Does anyone know? 🙂

  283. I’ve got a start up company and want to use outlook for my company mail. I’ve bought the domain names I need e.g.

    Can I set up to use addresses like


  284. Hi.
    When was starting, I created an account.
    Now I would like to merge my Windows Live Hotmail account with the account. Is there a way to do that or close the and make the migration offered without the risk that someone else creates the account?


  285. Since upgrading to, both Outlook and facebook are either running super slow or just flat out "hanging" on my iPhone 4S. If this doesn’t improve, I’m going with a new e-mail service.

  286. Bhinesh Boodhna

    I love sexy girls-only

  287. brucealan

    Avoid it like the plague, especially for business purposes/

  288. desaibc76

    After login to, how to disable ads on extreme right side on IE10? It doesn’t appear on FF/Chrome or Safari. Tried opting out for ad but it’s not working.

  289. nanjangud

    for the last few days i am unable to open any of the folders other than inbox. please suggest.

  290. This new application is awful on any machine with even a slightly older browser. My work browser and my home browser now can only run the "Mobile" version, which, as you all are aware, gives a very poor user experience on a desktop computer. I have had a Hotmail account since the mid-90’s. I have been happy with Hotmail as it was. It was flexible and performed well across platforms and browsers, whether I checked email on someone else’s computer, in foreign country, or my own. This experience is not an "upgrade." If the system requires all the latest whiz-bang gadgets, why? It’s just email. All it needs to display is a list of emails and their content. No need to make it a new fragile, complicated, browser-dependent system. How can I get Hotmail’s flexible and easily to use interface back?

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