Announcing the new Microsoft Visio

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Welcome to the new Visio Blog! Here you can learn all about the latest release of Microsoft Visio, which you can preview now! 

On this blog, you’ll find answers to common questions, tips on getting the most out of Microsoft Visio, and customer success stories. As we share the latest information around Visio, you’ll hear from members of the engineering team, our amazing customers, and the Visio MVPs.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Office along with availability of the Microsoft Office Customer Preview. You can check out the announcement on the Office News blog. We’re excited to share that a preview of Visio is available alongside Office. To learn more, head over to the Microsoft Visio Preview page and give it a try.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing all the new features and improvements around the release so be sure to check back and subscribe to our RSS feed! You can also stay in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. wrobinson

    I am running Visio 2010 and Office 2007 and am running into a conflict with a Visio add-in.It seems as though the UML templates may not be allowing the this add-in to load which results in a number of error messages. So that I can figure out the potential conflict,does anyone know how to remove “UML Background Add-on from the active add-ins list in Visio? I have removed the files but it keeps appearing and I am not given an option to manage the UML Background add-on in Visio Options.

  2. gav_man32

    I’m glad to see a visio blog by MS! 😉 I’m wondering where I can put in some feature requests that would make myself and I think many other loyal visio users happy… should I post them here, in the comments of this blog?


    • Stephanie Horn User">

      Hi Gavin.

      You are more than welcome to post feature requests as blog comments. The Visio team reads all blog comments and looks forward to customer ​feedback.

      Stephanie Horn, Visio Program Manager (MSFT)

  3. Stephanie Horn User">

    Hi Wayne.

    It’s hard to tell how to fix your problem from the information provided. I suggest asking this question on our MSDN forum:

    This way we can have more of a conversation about the problem.

    Thanks for reading!
    Stephanie Horn, Visio Program Manager (MSFT)

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