Beyond spreadsheets: Spiffy Excel calendars for 2012

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Image of Excel 2012 CalendarNeed a plain-vanilla calendar for your business which shows the year in a glance? Or the kind that your local hardware passes out for free (marketing) at the end of the year?  Or if you’re a student, how about one that lets you juggle assignments as the professors keep juggling dates? 

Here are this year’s free 2012 Excel calendars.

Designer-Brand (Yours) Business Calendars

Family Photo Op

  • Family calendar (any year, Mon-Sun):  Some Excel geek figured out this one. There’s an image of a small blackboard (like the magnetic ones you hang on your refrigerator) where you can scribble important dates. As soon as you enter one date, the corresponding date is highlighted on the calendar below it. (If you want to know what’s behind the magic–it’s called conditional formatting.)

  • Family calendar(any year, Sun-Sat): Same as above except the days of the week are organized from Sunday through Saturday.

  • Seasonal family calendar (any year, Sun-Sat):  This calendar looks and feels like the regular kind of calendars, the ones with a different photo for each month that you hang in the kitchen. Except this one lets you add your own photos for each month.  It’s also color-code by season.
  • Seasonal family calendar (any year, Mon-Sun):  Same as above except the days of the week are organized from Monday through Sunday.

Homework Time

Go Naked!

Have fun keeping track of your dental appointments!