Address labels and more

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Sheet of address labelsLast week, we took a look at printing envelopes. But often people want to print labels–and then put the labels on envelopes, shipping boxes, CDs, file folders, jars of apricot jam, or whatever can be labeled.

After you purchase blank labels, you need to carefully check which size you have. Word provides information from some vendors, including their product numbers, which can make that part easier.

The next steps depend on what kind of label you want to make.

I want to make a sheet of return-address labels

See Make a label or a sheet of the same labels.

I want to print out labels for a mass mailing

For this, you can use mail merge. For more information on printing labels by using mail merge, see Make labels for a mass mailing.

I want to type my own labels

If you want to type a sheet of labels and every label is different (for example, a sheet of name tags), see Type a sheet of different labels.

You can find the label template that’s pictured here, and many more label templates, on

— Joannie Stangeland