Crabby’s Monday tip: Change where the cursor moves after entering data in Excel

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See more "tricks" images on…Kathy wants to know how to change the cursor direction in Excel when she presses Enter. Turns out it’s a simple little setting:

Excel 2010

  1. Click File > Options > Advanced > Editing Options .
  2. Now, below the heading Editing Options you’ll see After pressing Enter, move selection and below that, in the Direction drop down box is where you can make your choice.

Excel 2007

  • Same as 2010 but instead of the File menu, press the Office button Office button imagenear the File menu.

Excel 2003

  1. Click Tools > Options > Edit tab.

    • To change the direction in which the cursor moves, select the Move selection after Enter check box, and then select a direction in the Direction box.
    • To keep the cursor in the current cell, clear the Move selection after Enter check box.

(There’s more information on all your options when moving the cursor here.)

Now if you’re using Excel 2010 or 2007, don’t forget that you can add Options command to your Quick Access Toolbar for easy access. (Tip: When adding Options to the QAT, in the Choose commands from drop-down, choose File Tab; it’s in there.)

Thanks, Kathy; I always learn new things from my readers and I found this to be one handy tip!

— Crabby