Fine-tune your line spacing in Word 2010

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Upgrading to Word 2010 from an early version of Word? Surprised by the default line spacing?

Word 2007 and Word 2010 have a different line spacing default than Word 2003 and earlier versions. Back in 2007, the product designers changed the default line spacing to improve document readability, according to a 2006 blog post by Stuart Stuple, one of the Microsoft Word program managers for Word 2007.

In addition to the default spacing change in Word 2007, Word 2010 introduces a paragraph spacing option that gives you even more control over your document style and appearance.

Say you want your document to look like Word 2003, so you click Change Styles in the Styles group and choose the Word 2003 style set. 

 Word 2003 spacing

But maybe the look is a bit too compressed for you.

Under Change Styles, you can fine tune by using the Paragraph Spacing option.

Rest your mouse on each option to view the options right in your document.

 Paragraph Spacing option

In this case, I used the Relaxed option to give my document a little more space but maintain the Word 2003 style set as the default for my other documents.

Relaxed paragraph spacing option

Find instructions for using the new paragraph spacing option, changing the default style set for all of your documents, and much more, in Adjust the spaces between lines or paragraphs.

leslie cole