The OneNote Web App is here!

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Today marks the release of the much anticipated OneNote Web App, which extends the functionality of Microsoft OneNote 2010 to literally everywhere. Everyone on the OneNote team is very excited to show off what we’ve been working on so hard for the past several months.


Like its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint counterparts, the OneNote Web App extends your Microsoft Office 2010 experience to the Web browser, where you can work with your notes, files, and documents in a central location that you can access from anywhere. You can use the OneNote Web App with a free Windows Live (a.k.a. SkyDrive) account or on a SharePoint 2010 site in your organization.

The OneNote Web App works in some of the most widely used Web browsers, including the latest versions of Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox (for Windows, Mac, and Linux), and Safari (for Mac and Windows).

If you want to use the OneNote Web App together with the OneNote 2010 rich client on your computer, you must be running one of the following released versions of OneNote 2010:

If you are currently running the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, you won’t be able to use your online notebooks in the OneNote 2010 Beta client by using the Open in OneNote command on the OneNote Web App ribbon. However, you’ll be able to try out these integration features by downloading the free OneNote 2010 trial version when it becomes available (stay tuned for an announcement next week).

To help you get started with the OneNote Web App, explore the links below:

Additional documentation about the OneNote Web App is available in the general overviews for all of the Office Web Apps:

As always, please let me know if our documentation is helpful to you or how we might be able to make it more useful.

I know many of you have been waiting a long time to take these features for a spin. Thanks for your patience. I hope you’re as excited about this release as I am!

— Michael C. Oldenburg