To-Do Bar Improvements in Outlook 2010

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In earlier posts about the To-Do Bar you provided us a lot of great feedback. You might wonder what To-Do Bar improvements were made in Microsoft Outlook 2010. We want to present a brief overview of the work that we have done, based on your feedback, to make the To-Do Bar more useful.

Date Headers

The To-Do Bar now has date headers that separate meetings and appointments that occur on different days. These headers provide a quick at-a-glance way to see remaining items for the day and what is on your schedule on the next day. You can click the date headers to jump to that day in the Calendar view.


All Day Events

In our first-ever post about the To-Do Bar in Outlook 2007 there were many comments that all-day events should appear in the To-Do Bar. We heard you loud and clear. All-day events now appear in the To-Do Bar. If you prefer not to see all-day events, you can turn them off in the To-Do Bar Options.


Splitters and More Indicators

We have made it easy to customize how much room is devoted to each part of the To-Do Bar. To see more appointments, drag the splitter down. To see more tasks, drag the splitter up. Text at the end of the appointments section alerts you if there are more meetings for the day you are viewing. You can resize the appointment portion of the To-Do Bar to see the remaining items.


Private Appointments

Private appointments are identified with a lock icon. Additionally, through the To-Do Bar Options, you can hide private details from appearing by default.


If the details are hidden, you can view the details by resting your mouse pointer over the private item. This can be useful if you often work in a public place and you don’t want people to see what is on your calendar.

Show As: Information and Un-answered Meeting Requests

Just like in your calendar, the To-Do Bar indicates whether a calendar item is marked as Free, Busy, Tentative, or Out of Office.

image image

Additionally, meeting requests that you have not answered appear with the same visual representation as the calendar. Click a meeting request in the To-Do Bar, and then send your response using the tabs in the ribbon.

More Customization

In Outlook 2010, customizing your To-Do Bar is easier than ever with the To-Do Bar Options available in the ribbon. On the View tab, in the Layout group, click To-Do Bar, and then select the items you want to appear. Click Options for additional customizations.


If you are already using the Outlook 2010 Beta, try customizing the To-Do Bar to best meet your needs!

Jed Brown and Josh Meisels
Outlook Program Managers