New OneNote eLearning case studies available

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We recently published a few new OneNote case studies that I wanted to share. As I’ve mentioned, beyond the education world, OneNote is finding success as an eLearning, training and on-boarding tool. Organizations such as the US Coast Guard and Job Start, shown below, are finding success using OneNote in this way and agreed to have a case study done. There are other companies also trying out OneNote in this new way.


Internally at Microsoft we are continuing to use OneNote to replace binders, handbooks and other training mechanisms. We’ve already realized a great deal of cost savings at Microsoft and we’ve also reduced paper consumption, substantially in some projects. And the best part is, the overwhelming majority of users are very pleased with having digital, annotatable, sharable copies of their work. Instead of tossing the folder full of training or learning materials, people retain digital copies that are quickly searchable. And they don’t take up all that space on the shelf! To see exactly what I’m talking about, I encourage you to download a sample New Employee Handbook in OneNote. You can also watch a video blog of me discussing why I think this concept is so powerful for customers.

Here are a couple of case studies on OneNote as an eLearning tool


Job Start

Nonprofit Employment Agency Uses Interactive Training Tool to Help Teens Succeed

Based in Toronto, Ontario, JobStart is a nonprofit United Way member agency that helps participants gain the skills needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency. In December 2007, the agency received Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2007 through a sponsorship from Microsoft Canada and began testing the software in its youth program. JobStart anticipates that using Office OneNote 2007 will reduce costs while increasing collaboration between students and instructors.

US Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard Explores Potential to Enhance Training with Digital Note-Taking Solution

The United States Coast Guard is known for its impeccable standards and service. To maintain these levels of performance, USCG habitually goes above and beyond the call of duty to seek out new tools and resources that support the ongoing education of its members. In preparation for upgrading its computer system to the Windows Vista® operating system and the 2007 Microsoft® Office system, USCG began examining ways to gain maximum value from these new technologies. Curriculum Developers at the USCG Training Center in Petaluma, California, undertook an initial test of the Microsoft Office OneNote® 2007 digital note-taking program to evaluate how this tool could be used to complement USCG’s comprehensive, performance-based training process. USCG was impressed by the dynamic presentation of course materials, the ease of use, and the potential time and cost savings.   


If you want to browse all of the different OneNote cases studies, go here. There are both education and business examples of great ways people are using OneNote


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