Erik meets Bill, and a cross-continental OneNote Project

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Erik meets Bill

For those of you who read my last blog entry, you’ll know that my wife and I had Erik Westrum, a innovative teacher from Drammen, Norway over to our house for dinner last week (he liked the lefse, as well as the copper river salmon:-). Erik was one of the award winning teachers from Norway that was flown over by Microsoft last week. He had a chance to show me the cool things he’s been doing in his class with video, OneNote, and other ICT applications. Erik is one of those guys who truly loves what he does and it shows. Microsoft hosted these Innovative Teachers from around the world in Redmond and they had a chance to meet with various groups and people. On Monday, I brought Erik by “Building 36” , where I work. I introduced him to some OneNote team members, some MS Word team members, as well as the General Manager of Outlook.

On Tuesday, Microsoft had a little surprise for the teachers. At the close of one of the meetings with the teachers, they brought out Bill Gates! Erik had the chance to meet Bill and get his photo taken with Bill and the other 10 or so teachers. Erik also asked Bill a question during the Q&A period that partially had to do with OneNote 🙂 Needless to say, I think Erik had a great trip out to Redmond.

Cross-continental OneNote

While Erik was out visiting, he had an idea around a collaborative project in OneNote with teachers from other countries. Erik and his students use OneNote regularly and he thought it would be an interesting project to collaborate with students from other countries. Based on some thoughts he had, I suggested that he talk with Forest Ridge from Bellevue, since they are also very active with OneNote and shared notebooks. I also suggested that the Islay School in Scotland might be interested and Ian Stuart has confirmed that they are. So that makes Norway, the US and Scotland. The teachers will be deciding the what and how in the near future so we’ll be sure to keep you posted on how this collaborative project between schools unfolds.

BTW, Congrats to Ian and the Islay School for their recent LTS Ambition award!


Hi folks – for those of you who are aware of or going to NECC 2008 (National Education Computing Conference) this year, be on the look out for Microsoft and OneNote, in particular. Microsoft has some great materials that have been put together and the OneNote team has a bunch of excellent new resources that are targeted towards educators and faculty. Using these materials, my bet is that any teacher or faculty member, young or old, can quickly become a OneNote education master.  I can’t share all of the details yet, but I can give you a little taste of good stuff coming out. This will include:

      • Teacher Toolkit
      • Samples
      • Training
      • Videos

So make sure to swing by the Microsoft booth and find ht e education materials if you’re going to be in San Antonio at NECC later this month. If you aren’t going to NECC, rest assured that we’ll be posting all of the materials online so any teacher on earth can benefit.



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