Excel 2007 Web Data Add-In

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Some folks at Microsoft Research have developed an add in that makes it easy to use a Web page as a data source in Excel.  Here is a brief description:

The Excel 2007 Web Data Add-In provides an intuitive user interface for importing textual data from any given webpage via a user’s selections of interest, such as stock quotes, weather temperature, ect, into a spreadsheet and keeping that data “up-to-date”. That is, if the webpage data changes, the spreadsheet can be updated by a click of the data “Refresh” button. Also note that the add-in can automatically learn from a user’s selection and optionally select similar items to help save time. 

Please note that this add-in is a research beta and is unsupported by Microsoft. Feedback and bugs can be sent via the add-in itself (under the it’s help menu) or the add-in’s blog comments.

The add-in is available here.  Please feel free to give the Research team feedback.