Feral Cats: Managing Access databases in your organization

It’s every IT manager’s worst nightmare: thousands of Access databases are running wild in your organization and you don’t know how to manage them. One CTO described compared the situation to feral cats wreaking havoc. Fortunately, Access 2013 features some great improvements that will increase the manageability of your desktop databases. Plus, moving forward, you’ll be able to take advantage of Access 2013 Web Apps, which take manageability to a…

Office 365

The Valley Goes Office 365

Today, the County of Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley announced they’re moving to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. They plan to upgrade and consolidate their multiple countrywide email systems for 15,000 employees in 26 public agencies and departments. Previously, county departments made technology decisions separately which lead to multiple countywide email systems, redundancies and unnecessary IT costs.  The County of Santa Clara chose Office 365 because…


Updating layout in Word 2013 while maintaining compatibility

Since the Office Customer Preview was announced a few weeks ago, we’ve talked quite bit about the vision for the product and the new features that you’ll be able to take advantage of when you try it out.  One area that we invested heavily in this release, but has remained under the radar, is our work on the layout engine that Word uses.  When I say “layout”, I’m referring to…

Office 365

Turbo-Charging Business Communications with Office 365

After completing our research, we chose to move to Microsoft Office 365, with help from BlueEdge Consulting. One of the main reasons we selected Office 365 was the availability of flexible licensing options. By paying only for what we need, we can minimize our costs and still deliver essential tools to different groups of employees based on their job functions. After discussing it with Kevin Miller of BlueEdge, we decided…


Adding SharePoint task lists to PWA

For smaller projects, we see a lot of users turning to SharePoint task lists. With the new SharePoint, we’ve made that experience even better to manage tasks as a team. But for most organizations, you’ll want greater visibility into all your work. This is where Project Online and PWA (Project Web Access) really shines. Task lists can easily connect and sync with all the enterprise project data stored in PWA.

Office Online

Bringing touch editing to Office Web Apps on Windows 8 and iOS tablets

The Office Web Apps continue to provide access to your documents anywhere in a variety of popular browsers. Today, we are excited to introduce you to viewing and editing documents in the Office Web Apps on tablets using “Touch”. In this blog post, Program Manage Renu Devi, describes the “touch” experience; the design framework that guided development of making the Office Web Apps touchable and responsive to touch; and the…