Office 365

Agricultural trade group supports hundreds of members with cloud solution

The California Strawberry Commission (CSC) needs to deliver IT services to employees and several hundred member growers, shippers, and processors-despite an IT department made up of only one technical employee. To address this challenge, the CSC deployed Microsoft Office 365, offering highly scalable, enterprise-class IT capabilities for a minimal investment. IT staff are now more productive and can focus on projects that provide strategic value.


API in the new Visio

Our previous posts have discussed some of the great end user features we’ve added to the new Visio. For developers, the new Visio supports programmatic access for many of its new features. The new Visio API contains methods that let developers change shapes and pictures, add comments, duplicate pages, and apply themes. In this blog post, we will introduce some of the new API by providing brief descriptions about the…


10 Things You’ll Never Have to Say Again

Since downloading the new Office Customer Preview, you’ve likely updated your vocabulary to match the new things you’re doing–moving documents from USB drives into the cloud or using a stylus that never runs out of ink. In honor of saying goodbye to, “I wish I could use content from this PDF,” and hello to opening PDF files as familiar Word documents, we’ve put together a PowerPoint slideshow to celebrate just…


VSDX: the new Visio file format

Visio 2003, 2007 and 2010 all had the same primary Visio Drawing (VSD) file format. For most users, this was great: files could be shared easily between these three versions of Visio. There were, however, some drawbacks. Most notably, the primary format was binary, which limited both the information stored in the file and how easily IT professionals and developers could work with it. For the new Visio, we introduced…


Charting Overview for the new Microsoft Office

With the Office 2013 release, the Office DataViz team is proud to deliver a rich set of charting capabilities across Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project. In fact, because there are so many features, this article will only be an overview. Subsequent articles will go into the specific use cases and steps for each of them. I’ve been working on Excel charting since the Office 2007 release, when we replaced the…