6 reasons why I used OneNote to plan a project

Earlier in the year, Jennifer Bost and Michael Oldenburg, two bloggers, took a road trip to Canada to video tape how a high school teacher was using OneNote in the classroom.  To plan for the adventure, they captured all of their research, trip details, and video storyboarding in a shared notebook. Jennifer Bost writes today’s blog post describing their process and how they used OneNote to help them collaborate…


Use cross-references to link to other parts of a document

You’ve heard that cross-references can enhance the professional quality of a research paper. What are cross-references and how do they work? A cross-reference is a pointer or link to an item that is in another location in a document – for example, “See Figure 1″ to link to a salient graphic. You can create cross-references to headings, footnotes, bookmarks, captions, and numbered paragraphs.  


Tips for making your embedded Excel experience sparkle

With the Microsoft Excel Web App, you can embed your Excel workbooks on web sites and blogs and make them interactive. When we show people examples of beautiful, interactive embedded Excel workbooks, they often ask one of two things: (Excited) “How do I do that?” (Skeptical) “Can I really make my own workbooks look as good as these examples?” We love to hear that first question, because this summer we…