Outlook delegate access helps shoulder a principal’s burden

The issue of getting elementary schools—public or otherwise—on board with electronic communication has taken some time. It takes a strong leader, possibly in the form of a principal, to guide that effort. When you’re a busy school principal or administrator, your administrative assistants, secretaries, office managers, and other support staff are of vital importance to the day-to-day operations of the front office. If you’re using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange, you can hand off some…


Conquer your calendar: Use PowerPivot to analyze your time (video)

Today the Microsoft Business Intelligence Team is excited to release a free tool that uses PowerPivot for Excel–Calendar Analytics. This time management application pulls your Microsoft Exchange data and visualizes it in a very easy-to-use Excel dashboard. Watch this special episode of BITV, learn how the Calendar Analytics application works, and then download it for yourself.


Is Microsoft OneNote hijacking your print jobs?

While we don’t usually focus on tech support issues here on the Office Blog, let me shine a quick light on a recurring issue that has caused some of you to scratch your heads and write in about. In a nutshell, the problem appears to be that OneNote 2010 (or OneNote 2007) intercepts all of your print jobs whenever you try to send any information from your other programs or your…


Add the date, time, file name, and page numbers to Excel headers or footers (video)

So it turns out that Excel 2010 users have something in common with Word users after all. While researching the top search terms and phrases on the Office.com web site, I discovered that just like Word users, many people who use Excel 2010 want to add page numbers, the date and time, a file name, and other text to the header or footer of all worksheets in a workbook. So…


Power Tip: Improve the security of database connections

When linking to external tables using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Access offers to set up a Data Source Name (DSN). The DSN is quite convenient, giving us a graphic method to quickly build and specify an ODBC connection string without having to remember all of the syntax and parameters. Unfortunately, when the time comes for deployment, using a DSN can introduce some security issues. In this post, Access MVP Ben…