Recipes gone wild? Collect digital or scribbled ones in an OneNote cookbook

One of the oldest recipes ever to be discovered is a 4000-year-old beer formula recorded on a clay tablet. Those brew masters would envy the ways we catalog recipes today: a scrawled family recipe on an index card, bookmarked recipes from, or the batter-splattered page of your mom’s cookbook. But how the heck do you organize them so you can find one when it’s time to cook? It’s really easy.…


Can’t find that email message? These three tips can help.

(This post was first published in 2010.  It’s obvious from the number of hits this page gets that people’s inboxes are still overflowing. We thought we’d share it again to help you out.) Hi, I am Roby Kurian, Product Manager for Outlook. How often do you ask yourself, “Where’s that message?” Whether you are a filer (you keep messages carefully organized in folders) or a piler (you keep all of your…


Webinar: 5 cool things about OneNote (that you probably didn’t know)

Our introductory webinar on OneNote was popular, but lots of you wanted to know more than the basics. In this week’s webinar, you’ll learn five cool things most users don’t know about. We will also go over a few basics for the beginners. We start at 9:15 am Pacific Time with a Q&A to follow. Click the link below or go to for more information on how to join…


Our eight best tutorials on Excel charts

Excel spreadsheets are all about numbers. But tons of numbers are often not the most effective way to communicate what you want. That’s where charts come in handy. Charts can display numeric data in a graphical format, making it easy to understand large quantities of data and the relationships among data. If you want to learn about Excel charts, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together out best…


What’s the dif? Gridlines vs borders in spreadsheets

A lot of you want to know the difference between gridlines and borders. Gridlines help you work in a spreadsheet, and borders help you highlight important information in one for your audience. Gridlines appear automatically so you can see how your data is organized into rows and columns; borders need to be added by you so you can highlight certain cells. This post describes how to work with both of them.


Using crosstab queries in reports

A well designed database stores data in a normalized format with dates defined in a field so that new data is simply added as additional records. However, people want to see data with dates grouped by columns. This can be done by using a crosstab query. However, when creating reports based on crosstab queries, we need to control the specific column names that are returned by the query. Otherwise, the report…


More SmartArt graphics: Hexagon Radial and Picture Frame

Thanks for your interest in the Office SmartArt graphics. You’ve reached an expired content page. Please visit the below links on for more on how to create and use SmartArt in Office 2013: Create a SmartArt graphic Animate your SmartArt graphic Change the color of a shape, style, shape border, or entire SmartArt graphic Choose a SmartArt graphic Keyboard shortcuts for SmartArt graphics Video: Animate charts and SmartArt