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Google Docs isn’t worth the gamble

When you open a Microsoft Office application, you know what you’re going to get. Whether you’re working from a PC, a browser or a smartphone, the way the software functions is familiar and consistent. On the other hand, converting Office files into Google Apps is a gamble. Learn more about the file fidelity issues that occur when converting Office files into Google Apps via the web, a tablet, and a…

Garage Series

Garage Series: Going under the hood of Office software updates

In this episode, our adventurous hosts go deeper on how software updates really work for the new Office. Tune in as they demystify what’s different compared to the Office Professional Plus 2013 MSI install and explain the optimized update service for the Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run install. Learn how the service works optionally so that you can set up your environment to look at sanctioned updates on premises or in…

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Office Web Apps: More Office, more collaborative, more devices

When we launched the Office Web Apps in 2010, they were companions to the Office desktop experience that enabled lightweight, on-the-go content creation and review. Since then we’ve made a number of investments in Office Web Apps to make it easier for people to work together, author documents and access Office content from virtually any device. As we think about how people communicate and collaborate today and how their needs…

Garage Series

Garage Series: Crossing the bridge to Click-to-Run integration

In the finale of our three part deep dive on customizing and deploying the new Office, our intrepid hosts demonstrate Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run integration with your existing management and deployment tools while exploring pre-installation via Windows image. Watch too as our fearless host Jeremy gets behind the wheel to test if Windows Intune can install Office as fast as a direct install from Office 365 from his car, in…

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Why government agencies choose Microsoft Office 365

As government agencies prepare for this week’s Lean Government Virtual Summit, cloud innovation will surely be a hot topic. So why should governments choose Microsoft Office 365 as they consider moving their productivity software to the cloud? Javier Vasquez, Senior Director of Productivity Sales, State and Local Government at Microsoft, showcases an infographic entitled, “Why Governments Choose Microsoft Office 365″ that explains why.

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Serving Up Growth—Fast!—with Office 365

  When we started looking at moving to a new productivity and collaboration solution, the major factors influencing our decision were ease of use, anywhere access, simplified administration, and cost-effective scalability. As we took a closer look at Microsoft Office 365, it was the obvious choice. And, with help from our partner Cal Net Technology Group, we were able to make the switch to Office 365 quickly and easily.  With Office…