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Garage Series: Going under the hood of the new Office–what control do you really have?

This week, our hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh tackle frequently asked questions such as: “Do I get more control if I use the traditional Office installation with Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office 365 ProPlus?” and “How do you control Office 365 ProPlus automatic updates?” Watch as they walk through how to redirect auto-updates and catch up with the people behind the new Office such as Skji Conklin, who discusses the…


Get organized fast: Saved by Project Pro for Office 365

Imagine that it’s 2:00pm on Friday afternoon and you’re leaving a planning meeting for the big springtime marketing blitz upon which your company, Coho Winery, is resting its hopes of international expansion. Just moments ago, the team was haphazardly scrolling through a long task list spreadsheet when your boss slammed her fist on the table and declared that you would have a first-class project management solution in place by Monday morning.…

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Enhancing customer relations and the sales process with Office 365

For the last couple of years, Amsterdam Housing has faced a competitive real estate market in the Netherlands. In our goal to provide “one-stop real estate services,” we struggled with inadequate IT tools. Our team needs to work together to build customer relationships with professionals and their families, long before they arrive here. And once they arrive, effective teamwork and responsive customer service boosts our reputation. Yet, we had one…


Buckle up and watch the new Office Garage Series

What do skydiving, aerobatics, Ferraris or wakeboarding have to do with the new Office? What are the most XStream installs of the new Office that you can imagine on air, land and water? Check out the new Office Garage Series to find out.  With its fun, dynamic and straightforward delivery, along with multiple stunts and unique demos, the show already has an avid following since it launched on February 27.…

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Air rescue and transport service uses Office 365 to help save lives

About 20 percent of what we do each year involves alpine rescue missions. In fact, Air Zermatt holds the record for the highest-elevation air rescue in history-23,000 feet. Obviously, to perform these daring missions, our pilots and crews need to have amazing skill and years of training. But they also need to have accurate navigation and flight plan information at their fingertips. That’s where Office 365 comes in. We used…

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Caltex chooses Office 365 to energize employee communication and drive mobility

Caltex Australia needed better communication and collaboration tools to promote productivity and mobility for its dispersed workforce, but it didn’t want to upgrade its on-premises solutions. The company decided to implement Microsoft cloud-based business productivity services. We recently spoke to Steve Fox, Chief Information Officer at Caltex, to learn how the company is benefiting.

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Zyvex and Office 365 take productivity to a whole new level

Today’s post was written by Lance Criscuolo, President, Zyvex Technologies. At 50 employees, Zyvex is what some people consider a small company, but our business in advanced materials has connected us with some of the largest corporations in the world. As a leader in molecular nanotechnology, we source and develop some of the strongest materials known to man, incorporating them into lightweight structures – to produce things like a stronger…

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Office 365 provides Advocate Health Care with a platform for innovation

Today’s post was written by Rance Clouser, Vice President, IS Support Services and Communication At Advocate Health Care, thinking holistically is core to our mission of meeting the health needs of individuals, families and communities. Our approach to IT is similar. As the healthcare industry evolves and we work to remain competitive, having state-of-the-art technology for our staff of more than 30,000 is key. We wanted a solution that gave…

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Webinar: Learn about Office 365 Small Business Premium

Last week, we introduced the new Office for businesses. In this webinar, we’ll dive into Office 365 Small Business Premium and show you how 1-10 employees can get best-in-class tools and services. We’ll also look at new features and a comparison chart for businesses of all sizes. Watch the 30-second trailer or click “read more” below to watch the full webinar. What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar: What is…


Project available as 3 flexible cloud services through Office 365

We’re proud to announce the availability of Microsoft Project as a flexible cloud service, delivered by Office 365. For the first time, customers can sign up for flexible plans, get started quickly and use the full capabilities of project and portfolio management without adding IT complexity. Read on to learn about the 3 Project cloud services: Project Online, Project Pro for Office 365, and Project Online with Project Pro for Office…

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Along with worldwide commercial availability, Office 365 announces new global customers

Today, we announced worldwide availability of the new Microsoft Office 365 services for business; the most complete Office cloud service to-date has new features and offerings tailored to meet the needs and budgets of small, medium and large organizations. Since launching in mid-2011, Office 365 is one of the fastest growing businesses in Microsoft history. We are pleased to welcome new customers the Hamburg Port Authority, Sephora, and Midroc Europe…

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What are reviewers calling feature-rich, stunning, and game-changing? Office 365!

It’s been said that “a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” We’re honored to see all of our sweat, determination, and hard work pay off with the great reviews that the new Office has garnered since Microsoft released Office 365 Home Premium to customers last month.  Already, Office 365 is racking up the awards. PC Magazine gave Office 365 Home Premium its Editors’…