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Introducing spreadsheet controls in the new Office

We have 5 brand new Excel, Web Excel and SharePoint features to introduce to you in Office 2013, all designed to help you manage the use of spreadsheets and Access databases. I’ll tell you about each of them in more detail, but the names really speak for themselves: · Audit and Control Management Server · Discovery and Risk Assessment · Spreadsheet Inquire · Spreadsheet Compare · Database Compare


10 Things You’ll Never Have to Say Again

Since downloading the new Office Customer Preview, you’ve likely updated your vocabulary to match the new things you’re doing–moving documents from USB drives into the cloud or using a stylus that never runs out of ink. In honor of saying goodbye to, “I wish I could use content from this PDF,” and hello to opening PDF files as familiar Word documents, we’ve put together a PowerPoint slideshow to celebrate just…


Charting Overview for the new Microsoft Office

With the Office 2013 release, the Office DataViz team is proud to deliver a rich set of charting capabilities across Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Project. In fact, because there are so many features, this article will only be an overview. Subsequent articles will go into the specific use cases and steps for each of them. I’ve been working on Excel charting since the Office 2007 release, when we replaced the…

Office 365

Click-to-Run and Office on Demand

If you’ve downloaded the new Office Customer Preview, then you probably noticed that your installation experience is quite a bit different than in any previous version of Office. These changes aren’t just cosmetic, they’re part of our strategy to bring the rich Office applications that you know and love into the future as an integrated part of our Software + Services offering. In this post I want to talk about…


Feral Cats: Managing Access databases in your organization

It’s every IT manager’s worst nightmare: thousands of Access databases are running wild in your organization and you don’t know how to manage them. One CTO described compared the situation to feral cats wreaking havoc. Fortunately, Access 2013 features some great improvements that will increase the manageability of your desktop databases. Plus, moving forward, you’ll be able to take advantage of Access 2013 Web Apps, which take manageability to a…

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New file format options in the new Office

In the next release of Office, we have added two additional formats for use: Strict Open XML and Open Document Format (ODF) 1.2. We have also added support for opening PDF documents so they can be edited within Word and saved to any supported format. By adding support for these standardized document formats, Microsoft Office 2013 provides users with more choice for office document interoperability. Regardless of your preferred document…

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A new and enhanced developer experience for Office and SharePoint

Developers can now build apps that enable brand new user experiences and scenarios by combining web technologies and cloud services right in Office and SharePoint. New experiences that we could not have dreamt off before. As an example, customers can acquire a collection of apps on stitch them together to create powerful solutions to monitor metrics with KPIs right in Excel. Apps in SharePoint that help solve specific goals that…