When it’s time to focus: Word 2013 Read Mode

Crafting the right content takes time and attention. To help you minimize the distractions, we created a Read Mode layout in Word. Read Mode is an option in the View menu that hides toolbars and menus to leave more room for the pages themselves.  There’s always a time for intensive formatting and editing when building great documents. But when it’s time for review and final changes, make sure to check…

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Garage Series: Crossing the bridge to Click-to-Run integration

In the finale of our three part deep dive on customizing and deploying the new Office, our intrepid hosts demonstrate Office 365 ProPlus Click-to-Run integration with your existing management and deployment tools while exploring pre-installation via Windows image. Watch too as our fearless host Jeremy gets behind the wheel to test if Windows Intune can install Office as fast as a direct install from Office 365 from his car, in…

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Garage Series: Workarounds for customizing your new Office

This week marks the second in a three part series, as hosts Jeremy Chapman and Yoni Kirsh, explore potential workarounds for your Office configuration, from removing and blocking applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Access and Lync that come with the new Office 365 ProPlus, using multiple languages, disabling the first run video to changing update properties and much more. Hear too from our lead Office set-up engineer,…


Get started with Business Intelligence in the new Office

Reliable business intelligence and insight are key to a thriving business. Excel, SharePoint and Office 365 make business intelligence (BI) in the new Office more accessible to everyone across an organization as part of their everyday work. New and enhanced features in familiar tools such as Excel empower everyone in a business to easily explore, model, analyze, and visualize data. With SharePoint, users of all levels can collaboratively develop and…


The new Office lets me work from home–and everywhere else

As blogger-in-chief of MommaSaid.net for the past 10 years, Jen Singer has used technology to work around her kids’ (and occasionally, her cat’s) schedules. She’s done pre-show interviews with TV producers from the supermarket cereal aisle and edited books on her laptop while waiting for track practice to end. Now with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage system, her Office can truly be wherever she is. She started writing this blog post…

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Garage Series: The Great Race–did rolling out Office just get faster?

In this episode, the intrepid Garage Series hosts explore the change in guard of compatibility tools. Conducting the great race of Office installs, they catch up with Office engineer John Hoegger about Microsoft’s own implementation of the new Office globally. Watch as they examine user training, compatibility and pushing out the bits to answer whether or not rolling out Office just got faster.