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Business is better with Office 365: See businesses succeeding around the world

See why businesses of all sizes rely on Microsoft Office 365. Whether it’s manufacturing jet packs in New Zealand or making bubble tea in Los Angeles, businesses everywhere are choosing Office 365 to deliver results and connect with customers in new ways. See how these amazing organizations have changed and explore the  possibilities for your company.

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  1. Hey guys

    To have my own success story I need to ask one question. I have tested “Office 365 Small Business Premium” and it was perfect for our small company. But as we are Silver Parners we do not need offline MS Office licenses so we finally subscribed “Office 365 Small Business”.

    Now – a little bit late – we realized that “Office 365 Enterprise (E3)” comes with our Silver Partnership. I tried to go to the Admin Interface (Admin > Billing > Manage and buy subscriptions > subscriptions), there I see:

    Office 365 Small Business / Action to “Switch plans”
    Office 365 Small Business Premium Trial / Term end date = Cancelled

    If I go to “Switch plans” I only see “Office 365 Small Business Premium” (by year and by month) as upgrade options. Nothing with “Enterprise” there. This should be there if you look at this:

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance,

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