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The Garage Series: How to set up Office 365 for your small business–getting Office experiences on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad

This week we continue our series dedicated to Office 365 for your small business. We explain the differences between Office 365 Small Business and Office 365 Small Business Premium. Then hosts Jeremy and Alistair get Office experiences running on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad devices. 

So last week, Bharath and I were able to get an Office 365 Small Business service up and running. We linked everything with our pre-existing Web domain via new GoDaddy integration, set up users and email and configured a shared mailbox. This week I am joined by Alistair Speirs to discuss the differences between the browser and service-based Office 365 Small Business experiences and the service plus apps Office 365 Small Business Premium option. Alistair in our example has Office 365 Small Business Premium and I have Office 365 Small Business and being gadget guys, we both have an assortment of devices we need to get to work with Office 365.

So we move to our device bench of six PCs, Macs, tablets and phones spanning multiple platforms. We show how to install Office and configure Office application experiences on Windows – both with a pre-existing Outlook 2010 install and a new Office 365 Small Business Premium install right from the Office 365 portal – then we show how to set up an Android phone to receive Office 365 email and take part in Lync instant messaging, online meetings, voice and video calls. Alistair downloads Office for Mac, then installs various Office apps on his iPhone then his iPad. If you don’t know your options or maybe haven’t set up all of your devices to receive Office 365 content for your small business, this show will answer many of your frequent questions.

We’ll be taking a break for the upcoming holiday season, but when we return in the beginning of January we have a special show dedicated to Office 365 in education. After that Tal Kryzpow returns as an Office ninja to help me answer common questions about using Office 2013 apps and provides advanced tips for Office. Enjoy the show and we’ll see you again in the new year.

Happy holidays!

–Jeremy Chapman

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About the Garage Series hosts

By day, Jeremy Chapman works at Microsoft, responsible for optimizing the future of Office client and service delivery as the senior deployment lead. Jeremy’s background in application compatibility, building deployment automation tools and infrastructure reference architectures has been fundamental to the prioritization of new Office enterprise features such as the latest Click-to-Run install. By night, he is a car modding fanatic and serial linguist. Alistair Speirs is a Senior Operations PM on the Office 365 team with a deep history in Office and Office 365 implementation. He runs the international Ignite conferences for Office 365 and is responsible for IT pro training and readiness.

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