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The Garage Series: How to set up Office 365 for your small business

Video 12:38. This week commences a special two-part series that addresses how to set up Office 365 for your small business. We take a look at the core integrated services that help run your business from professional email, the calendar service for managing schedules, instant messaging, online meetings, content sharing, voice calls, public Web site, Office Applications and much more. And we also get you started by signing up for trial, connecting your existing Website, adding users and setting up your email.

With the season of giving among us, we decided that over the next two weeks and more we’d dedicate our focus to addressing some of your common questions about Office 365. We’ve spent almost two seasons showing the types of productivity scenarios possible with Office 365. In the commercial environment, these are typically capabilities reserved for large enterprises, which now may be leveraged in organizations of all sizes. Technology author and journalist, Paul Thurrott, also a small business user, covered this a few months back on the Garage Series when he discussed his favorite things.

With that in mind, this week we start a two-part series designed to help those of you who want to set up Office 365 for your small business and really take a step back and look at some of the basics such as system requirements, what’s in the service itself with the related products.

More importantly, we walk you step-by-step through how to get started:

  1. How to sign-up for a trial. This gives you a 30-day Office tenant and is the best way of piloting the service for your small business before upgrading into a paid subscription.
  2. How to connect your existing Website to the Office 365 service. The good news for GoDaddy customers is that this process is now greatly simplified allowing automated domain integration. If you don’t already have a domain, you can now even purchase one directly from the Office 365 portal using GoDaddy.
  3. How to add and delete users from your company to the service – since the trial includes 10 user accounts, you can easily add others to Office 365, opening up new ways to connect and collaborate with them. 
  4. How to connect existing email accounts so you can receive mail from, gmail or other services directly into your Office 365 service as you transition to email with your Office 365 connected domain name (
  5. How to set up a shared mail address, like, so multiple members of your team can receive and respond to a common mail address. 







These steps will start your journey down the road of experiencing enterprise-grade capabilities from professional email, shared calendaring service, instant messaging, online meetings, content sharing and collaboration, voice calls and importantly the ability to have your organization stay productive working from anywhere on any device using Office applications.

Next week in fact we make this real by showing you how to connect your devices and users to Office 365 productivity applications. In part 2 we’ll load up an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Surface Pro all with a collection of native Office apps and get our older computers configured to receive Office 365 email. If you just got Office 365 Small Business up and running, you won’t want to miss it.

We hope you enjoy the show and keep your questions coming.

Bye for now,


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