Office 2013 Service Pack 1 coming early next year

Hi everyone,

I want to give you a quick heads up that early next year we’ll release Service Pack 1 (SP1) for the 2013 set of products including Office, SharePoint and Exchange.  SP1 will deliver performance enhancements, feature updates and improve compatibility with Windows 8.1.  Of course if you’re an Office 365 customer, you’re always up to date with the latest versions of our products.  We’ll have more details to share on all that is coming in SP1 and how customers can acquire it closer to availability. 



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  1. What about Office 2013 Modern Style?

  2. Will SP1 have addition interface themes to change contrast/UI colors beyond light and dark gray? I recently had to roll back many users to 2010 due to eye strain complaints (think workers comp claims). This is serious stuff at the corporate level.

  3. Will the SP1 bring back the ability to edit a doc in Word’s Reading Mode? It was so useful, while proofing a manuscript. Te one thing I really miss from Offfice 2010…

  4. This is a great news! I hope to see :
    1. Web app co-authoring
    2. Yammer Integration
    3. External links
    After the recent release of 365, I believe these are the key features SharePoint On-premises is missing.

    Great to see Microsoft’s commitment towards the on-premises customers!
    Eager to know the changes! Will follow!

  5. Thanks for the info on SP1 for SP2013

  6. Please, please, let there be a non-white/gray theme. Let us pray…

  7. Thanks for the info. Any chance we finally get back the one-click auto-correct option in Word? It disappearance in Word 2013 is a real pain, that means so many clicks now to make a very small yet much practical change !

  8. Will Full IMAP functionality be put back into this version.
    It is currently very buggy and IMAP folders and emails get deleted, this did not happen with Outlook 2010

  9. Can we still plan to develop Sharepoint web list using Access 2013 and our SQL Server 2008? We are trying to plan for development and deployment. Details would be very welcome.

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