Webinar: What is an Office subscription?


Now that the new Office has been released, you can learn about it on this updated webinar at the Office Blog:


Go for more information on how to join the series including a live Q&A.

–Doug Thomas

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  1. How will the scenario be handled if I use Office as subscription service and the device I use doesn’t have an internet connection for a longer time after installation?

    • Good question. The way it works for me is the same with Office 2010: programs are there, you can only work with the docs you have. However, if you want to upload a new copy, the document is held in an upload center. Next time you connect, the documents update with SkyDrive.

      • The handling of the docs wasn’t the scenario i thought at. What i would like to know: In which intervalls will the office applications need an internet connection to check for an active subscription? For example: If I payed for a one-year-subscription, could I use office a year without internet or will the programs automatic be deactivated after an unknown period without internet?

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