Updated! Embed PowerPoint or Excel into web pages

Update: See the end of this post for the newest how-to-embed info.

What better way to explain how something works than by actually showing how it works? Below is a self-fulfilling prophecy: An embedded presentation showing exactly how to …embed a presentation using Office Web Apps.

Pretty nifty, eh? Think about what you can use this for: Sharing vacation or family photos or sending information, sharing financial information with your spouse or even your banker. And you never know: This may end up being a new way for prospective employers to see what you know…and the cool way you to  how to present it.

I wanted to try this for myself so I downloaded this Vehicle Loan Payment Calculator from Templates site, added it to my SkyDrive and here it is, all embedded and nice to look at:

(Note that because this Excel template is wider than the space here allows, you can click the lower right icon to open it in a full screen.)

And…here’s how I did that (it really was easy-peasy).

Embed an Excel spreadsheet on a web page.

One thing gave me a teensy-weensy little spot of trouble: The instructions are to create or upload your spreadsheet (or presentation) in your Public folder. I didn’t HAVE a public folder and so I needed to create one. It’s very simple and you’ll see what I mean when you try this for yourself which I KNOW you will be doing because it’s free AND it’s useful AND it’s fun, to boot:

See more "cloud" images at office.com/images

  1. Log on to your Windows Live SkyDrive account.
  2. On  the left side, click Documents.
  3. Click the New button and from the drop-down choose Folder.
  4. Name your folder click Change, next to where it says Share with: Just me.
  5. Move the dial up to Everyone and click next. Now you have a Public folder and all the files you want to embed will go in there.

You can also embed a PowerPoint presentation and the directions are almost identical: Embed a PowerPoint presentation on a web page using Office Web Apps.

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I think this is a fantastic addition to an already neat-o idea. I love watching clouds…

“You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds.” — Henry David Thoreau

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